Friday 15 November 2013

Yummy Yumi!

I first discovered Yumi in Bath.  I was browsing in one of the little boutique shops there away from the main shopping area (although, it's all changed now, with their recent shopping development!!) and I discovered a rather beautiful and different dress.  I tried it on, loved it and bought it.  The label read "Yumi".  I'd never heard of them before... but now, their name was etched on my brain!

Dress in action back in 2008
Next came the craze for batwing cardigans - remember that a few years back?  Probably more years back than I care to remember now.  I was on the look out for the "perfect" batwing cardi.  I was watching a program on BBC3 about disabled models, Britain's Missing Top Model.  One of the girls, Lilli, was wearing a gorgeous batwing cardi.  I thought it was fantastic.  With the help of Google, I managed to track it down. Low and behold, it was Yumi.  I hit their site and became a proud owner.  I wore that cardigan for years.  I don't own it any more, it was too big for me after I lost weight post baby, but I really was very fond of it. You can actually see Lilli wearing it in a video interview here!

Batwing cardi joins us in San Fran on honeymoon in 2008

For me, Yumi is the place I go when I want something on trend but a little bit different.  Something with a cool print, something that packs a punch, gets compliments and stands out.  Their items aren't mega cheap, but they are affordable and they have fantastic sales!!  I often frequent their online store, but if I'm at Clarks Shopping Village, I can always find a bargain in their outlet shop there.  I thought I'd share a few more recent Yumi purchases with you!


Orange rose print coat - £30 (reduced from £85)
Daisy print cardigan - £20 - bought in sale, no longer available

So, there you have it.  A love affair with Yumi, still going strong.  Do you shop with them?  If you don't, go and check them out!  There's bound to be something you'd like..

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  1. I just checked out their site.. gorgeous stuff!! Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

    1. Haha... I just realized that I own a Yumi dress! I purchased it on ASOS and I adore it!! Will look into more of their brand to my wardrobe for sure!

  2. The really sound like just my type of clothing! I love the colors and patterns of your pieces, especially the orange coat!


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