Tuesday 19 November 2013

Trendy Tuesday - Children's Fashion - is it worth it?

This might seem a strange subject choice for Trendy Tuesday, a linky which, after all, focusses on children's fashion.  However, I feel it's the perfect time to write about this.

Children's fashion - is it worth it?  What do I mean?  Well... from a personal point of view, I LOVE children's fashion.  My boys are a huge part of my life.  I love clothes and fashion and rightly or wrongly, the boys are an extension of me (at their young age at least!) and as a result, I love dressing them as much as I love dressing myself.  Probably even more so.

Does it matter what our children wear?  No.  Of course it doesn't.  As long as they are appropriately dressed  for the weather in clothing that is of good quality (i.e. not falling apart!) then it doesn't.  All they need is to be warm, dry and comfortable.  They aren't born with a need to be in the latest fashions.  So.  Why does children's fashion exist?  Well, for the parents of course!  It is us who buy their clothes, and to make more sales, brands have to appeal to us.  Hence the huge variety of choice.

Panda cap - H&M
Bright as Day top - Boys and Girls
Arrow leggings - Saltcity Emporium

Fashion isn't about necessity, it's an indulgence. It's about expression, personality... even showing off.  I enjoy dressing my boys.  I enjoy having lots of clothes to put them in so that they look different from day to day.  I find exciting outfits interesting to look at.  They inspire me, clothes allow me to express myself.  I like to think that by exposing my boys to colours and patterns that they will be happy to wear whatever they like and be happy to express who they are, not who they feel they should be.

Neck warmer - Polarn O Pyret
Fleece - H&M
Jeans - Asda
Wellies - Joules

There are other benefits to buying slightly 'higher end' children's clothing, such as the use of materials which are better for the environment and kinder to the skin.  There is also the argument that better quality clothing washes better and lasts longer allowing the clothes to be worn by siblings, cousins, friends etc.  In our case, I am saving the best items for my grandchildren once the boys have grown out of them!!  If I don't have grandchildren, well, I'll pass them on to someone else!

I do buy cheaper items for my boys, I'll happily buy second or third hand, but I do love to have a lot of variety and it gives me endless pleasure dressing them in gorgeous clothes.

Leggings - Saltcity Emporium
Moccasins - Mocons by Sock-ons

What are your thoughts on children's fashion?  Do you have a huge selection of clothing for your children?

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