Friday 24 January 2014

Tots Bots - New Prints!

Since moving to cloth, Tots Bots have become my favourite brand.  I've tried quite a few different brands, but at the moment, Tots Bots work really well for us.  I use easyfits in the day on Felix and Bamboozle Stretch nappies at night time (boosted with charcoal, bamboo & hemp).

One of the things about Tots Bots is their visual appeal.  The easyfits are eye-catching, bright and funky as well as being functional and VERY easy to use.  I started off with a full set of the original easyfits (V1s) that I bought second hand from a lovely lady.  I fell in love with them and expanded my collection with the V3 easyfits with cute story prints.  I have also bought a couple of 2nd hand V2 nappies.  Each version is slightly different.  I find all three work well for us.  I've never had any leakage from any of them unless they've been on for over 4 hours (Felix poos regularly so this doesn't usually happen!) or if he's done a huge poo rendering any nappy unable to contain everything!

This week Tots Bots released some new prints which has got me very excited!  Not that we really need any more nappies.. but that's the thing with Tots Bots!  They are collectable as well as good for little bottoms.

The new prints are cute and are all based on Nursery Rhymes.  There's Incy Wincy Spider, Hickory Dickory Dock, Humpty Dumpty & Sixpence.

Image Source: Tots Bots

They all look adorable, but as I don't really need to buy loads, I think I'll go for one or two.  I really love Incy Wincy & Hickory Dickory.  I might get one easyfit and one wrap.  I've only owned a couple of V1 wraps which were very well used and not working too well any more so it'd be nice to try a new one!

Image Source: Tots Bots

Image Source: Tots Bots

Why not pop over to their website and have a look - if you're using cloth, I do recommend them.


  1. Love the hickory dickory dock one, shame we are about to start toilet training x

  2. I've ordered the Humpty Dumpty print wrap, I love them all but i have quite a lot of nappies now, so am trying to be good! I do want to try Bamboozles as we don't have any and i love fitted nappies. x

    1. I think I'm going to order the incy wrap. I don't really need more nappies either but another wrap would be handy.. X


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