Wednesday 8 January 2014

Trendy Thursday - We're back for 2014!

Hurrah!  Trendy Thursday is back folks!  No doubt you've been checking here every Thursday for the last few weeks - where is your kids fashion fix?  Ha ha ha... I wanted, no, needed a break over Christmas and the New Year and boy, it's been refreshing.  I love to blog.  I love the opportunities it offers me and all the people I get to interact with because of it but I find a break to be very worthwhile from time to time.  It's easy to get burnt out.

I had intended to write a Trendy Thursday post last week but Ethan had been a bit off for a few days and then I noticed some spots on him.  It was quickly apparent he'd come down with chicken pox, so much of my time has been dominated by that for the last week!  We've been lucky, I think.  It takes a lot to knock Ethan out (he's like his Mum ;-D) and despite being well covered by the pox, he's actually very much been his normal self.  I can't send him back to school yet because quite a few of the spots are yet to dry up.

It's been an interesting week, but actually, it's been nice.  I know that might seem strange; Christmas was lovely, but busy.  This Monday just gone should have been the return to school but of course, due to the pox, it wasn't.  It's been nice to have some slower days.  We've not really been able to leave the house, apart from to visit my parent for a bit.  I was worried it'd be all movie watching and bouncing a bored baby on my lap but actually, we've not watched anywhere near as much TV as I thought we would.  We've written all our thank you cards for the lovely Christmas presents the boys received.  We've baked.  We've played lots of lego, we've played board games, bingo, dominoes.  We've danced around the living room heaps and had quite a few "discos" in Ethan's bedroom. All in all, it's been nice to spend some extra time with my big boy.

However, the pox has mean that Ethan hasn't been wearing lots of funky outfits.  He's wanted to stay soft and snuggley.. so I don't have all that much to show off fashion wise!  I do have a few sale bargains to show off and I thought I might share some of my hot picks for the seasons coming up..

I've picked up some bargains in the sales so far this year. I escaped from the boys for an hour or so today whilst my parent looked after them and, like a Mum, I spent that precious "free time" in Waitrose buying necessities and things for the boys.  As Waitrose is part of the John Lewis group, they stock John Lewis kids clothing.  I love their clothing, they sell lovely items for boys and girls, not too stereotypical and they are excellent quality.  I also find they are rather reminiscent of Boden..shhhhh!  I don't ever need to buy them full price though!  For £9 today I picked up three gorgeous tops for Felix to wear almost a year from now.  Two of them will be perfect for Christmas 2014!

John Lewis clothing - image
Online, I've been hitting up DaisychainBaby.  They have some brilliant reductions in their sale.  Unfortunately, budget restricted what I could buy.  I decided to spend around £30 and picked up three items but it was hard to choose!  I'd been lusting after some Poco Nido fox print shoes for Felix for a while, so they were a no-brainer at £8.  I've also loved Nosh Organic's hot-air balloon top, so for £12, that found it's way into my bag.  Finally, I went for some navy and red striped trousers by Piccalilly.  Why?  Well, I thought they looked cute, I like the pocket detail and I buy far more tops than trousers so I wanted to try to redress the balance!

Image sources: DaisychainBaby

In terms of the up coming seasons, I love what Maxomorra have planned.  I always get excited about their new collections and think their retro inspired prints are so eye catching.  From their new collection I adore this print.  I'm not entirely sure what it's supposed to be.  A passion fruit?  A radish?  A pomegranate?  Either way, I love the colours.  It's on my wish list!

Image source: Maxomorra
Corby Tindersticks are another brand I love.  They are kooky and different and sound like a band.. I love that they sell more than clothing, they sell toys as well (we have a fantastic interactive felt weather map by them).  Their 2014 collection looks as cool as ever with their trademark orange colour running through it:

Image source: Corby-Tindersticks
I follow Emma from DaisychainBaby on Instagram - Instagram is just about my favourite way to while away the hours.  I love that you can follow companies and get sneak peaks of what's coming up.  A few days ago, Emma posted an image of a vest she plans to stock this year.  It looks so adorable I know I'll be putting it on my wish list for Felix!

Well, that's just about all I have for now.  Thanks to other bloggers, facebook and Instagram, there will be hundreds of other "wants" this year... but we're only a week in!

Now, it's over to you guys -  link up your kids fashion posts below.  If you posted something whilst I took a break, feel free to link it up as well as a post for this week.  Don't forget to tweet me your link, tell others about the linky and visit others who join in!  Oh, and comment here if you can!  If it's not too late, I'd like to wish you a happy 2014!


  1. Oh no the dreaded chicken pox. My girls had it in the summer one after the other & was awful. Hope he's feeling better. I hope you don't mind but popped in a few other trendy Thursday posts I've done over the past few weeks too. Happy new year x

  2. Ahh Ethan still looks amazing even with pox! I spotted that vest on Instagram but I think it only goes up to 12 months so will be to small for Alex, booo! xx

  3. Totally get where you're coming from with enjoying the quality time from chicken pox. My boys had it together when they were 3 and 1 and I loved it! They weren't very ill at all and I got lots of extra time with them. Happy new year!

  4. I looove the bodysuit from Daisy Chain! Gorgeous! xx


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