Thursday 23 January 2014

Trendy Thursday - exciting new kids clothing finds for 2014

I LOVE finding new brands.  I don't know about you, but I think Instagram is amazing for inspiration (and envy!!).  Instagram is my favourite social media.  It's what I post the most on and what I spend the most time on.  I adore seeing everyone's photos and every time I check in I get inspired or find out about something new.  I thought I'd share a few of my most recent finds!

Whistle & Flute

Whistle and Flute are a husband and wife duo based in Canada.  They make hand screen printed clothing for adults and children (they have two gorgeous children themselves, one a tiny new baby - very cute instagram pics!).  Their style is very fresh and modern.  Simple yet bold.  If you're as into monochrome as I am, you'll love their clothing.  They are currently "on baby-leave" due to the new arrival but they still have some stock availble to buy.  I feel their prices (including postage to the UK) are reasonable especially considering the clothes are hand screen printed on good quality clothing.  I have just recently ordered a cloud print vest from them for Felix.

Image source:

Handmade is Haute

Another shop I found via Instagram.  This shop has me really excited.  Their prices are amazing, even when you take postage to the UK into consideration.  They describe themselves as offering "unique one of a kind clothes for babies and toddlers" and I cannot disagree.  They currently stock leggings, harem pants and skirts.  The materials available are really on trend and eye catching.  You could go for something simple but still bold (shiny gold leggings anyone?) or a current trend (camo prints leggings) or something cool like the very Mini Rodini esque penguin print.  Prices start from $12 (total bargain) and the clothes generally go up to age 5.  If you're looking for something even more unique, they offer custom orders.  I think this shop looks fantastic, I can't get over the prices.  I've ordered something for Ethan & Felix and can't wait to show them off!

image source: Handmade is Haute

Freshly Picked

OK, Freshly Picked aren't new to me, and they might well not be to you either.  I think I may have written about them before and they are certainly very popular on Instagram.  There is a reason I am mentioning them though...  Don't tell anyone, but I found out this week that they are finally going to be stocked in the UK by the rather fantastic Cissy Wears.  I'm not sure when yet, but if you fancy a really gorgeous pair of handmade mocassins for your little one, these are the ones to go for!  Stalk Cissy Wears for news on when they will be available!

image source: Frehsly Picked
The Bright Company

No.  Not light bulbs and accessories.  Sleepwear!  Yay!  I think slim fitting PJs look adorable on children and The Bright Company obviously agree as that is their signature look.  They stock a small but striking range of pyjamas, sleeping bags and blankets for little ones.  Though the range is small, it packs a punch with bright colours and a bold print.  They have a sale on at the moment.  I don't have the budget left to make a purchase this month, but believe me, I will be when I can.  I've totally fallen in love with their PJs.

image source: The Bright Company

Have I whet your appetite?  Have you found inspiration via Instagram?

Our lives have been dominated by the pox again this week.  Ethan is much better, but Felix is still on the mend.  He has really been very ill with it, poor thing.  There's not been much fashion going on, as you can imagine, but we're starting to bring the style back now:

Fairisle knit cardigan - Primark
Orange badger print top - Mothercare
Bird print leggings - Rainbow Kids
Mountain print leggings - Saltcity Emporium

Now, it's over to you!  Link up your children's fashion blog posts below.  Please don't forget to comment here and visit others who join in!


  1. How cute are those little leggings and lion backback? Hope you don't mind I missed last weeks linky so added both in again this week. Hope your boys get better soon xx

    1. They are very much on the mend now! I love the lion backpack. It was going to be for school but they have to have a book bag and so there's no need for the backpack :-( x

  2. Love the cloud vests. And the pjs are gorgeous. We like slim fit here too - much more comfortable for them than others I think.

    1. Yes! Much better for them than baggy pjs!

  3. You are a terrible influence. I am about to spend some money :)

  4. Those look fab. I would never think of looking anywhere unusual for clothes. I just stick with the high street! Sorry to hear the boys have been so poorly :(

    1. I hardly ever get to visit clothes shops and I'm always on Instagram, I think that's why it happens!


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