Monday 17 March 2014

Boden Rainy Day Mac - School Run Style

After sending back the stripy Boden Rainy Day Mac I originally ordered, I received my replacement, the navy spotty one, last week.

On trying it on, I was much happier.  There was something about the stripy design that I just didn't like on me.  Luckily, I'm much happier with the spotty design.  It's not as bright as I like my coats to be, but it looks really stylish & will compliment more outfits & colours.  It also has a fantastic bold yellow lining & zip which makes it pop & really lifts the coat into something special.

I took the coat on it's first outing on the school run this morning & I really am pleased with it!

Boden Rainy Day Mac

It looks fantastic I think.  I felt confident in it & got a few compliments.

Boden Rainy Day Mac


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  1. We are coat-twins today! Except I'm wearing my green one for St Patrick's Day - lol...which has the added bonus of being a bank holiday so there's no school run today. Result. LOVE the spots - I did hesitate over it and then went for green but every time I see someone in the spotty one, I have the love. Ax

  2. I love the coat!!!

    Thank you for linking up with Real Mom Style. Can't wait to see you next week.


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