Tuesday 4 March 2014

Clouds go away, Clogs come out!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Breath deep! Breath it in! Can you smell it? Nooooo! Don't be disgusting!  I know I have three males in my house, but NO! I'm talking about Spring.  Can you smell it in the air?  It may be only March, but "officially" it's Spring and today it really feels like it.

The clouds have blown away, the sky is blue and the sun is out.  It's not warm.  Of course not.  But, I can feel the sunshine on my face, smell the sweetness that comes with Spring just around the corner.  Hurrah!

To celebrate, my Lotta From Stockholm clogs have been on my feet for the school run.  I adore these shoes.  For me, these are heels.  I don't really do heels.  Despite being short, I just prefer flats or small heels.  I like to be able to walk and stay comfy.  That's what's so good about these shoes though.  They are surprisingly comfortable.  I say surprisingly because, well, clogs always look quite heavy and clompy.  You won't believe me until you try some though!

Lotta From Stockholm
Something I really love about these clogs is how good they look with brightly coloured tights.  Something which is great for someone like me who has more pairs of tights than there are raisins in a Sunmaid multipack!  I think coloured tights really make them pop.

I've also been rocking my new coat from (shhhh) Tesco!  This coat looks waaaaaaaaaay more pricey than it was. Half price in their sale at £25 but with some clubcard vouchers, it cost me less than £10!! Total bargain.  I love how it looks - it's very striking.  I wish it had pockets though.

Lotta From Stockholm Clogs.  Tesco F&F Coat

Hat - Charity Shop
Coat - F&F Tesco
Dress - Primark
Tights - New Look (very old!)

I do love some bold colours and patterns!

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