Thursday 27 February 2014

Trendy Thursday

Last week it was half term for us, so there wasn't a great deal of time for me to blog.  I didn't write a Trendy Thursday post, I wanted to enjoy my time with both of my boys at home.  It's lovely when they are both home together, it's great for them to have more bonding time and seeing them start to play together as Felix grows.  However, it does make me very busy!  Normally, I blog during the day when Felix naps and Ethan is at school.  I often blog late into the night as well, but I was extra tired in the evenings last week!

Well.. things are very much back to normal this week.  It's funny how quickly you slot back into the normal routine.  It's nice to get back to the blog after a "week off" as well.

One of the other lovely things about time off school is that Ethan isn't limited to his uniform.  Last week, both boys received a pair of gorgeous dungarees from Grubbies (review to follow soon).  Ethan loves his and asked to wear them almost every day!

Grubbies Dungarees

Our order from Handmade is Haute also arrived just before half term, so there was a lot of funky legging action over the holidays as well!

Handmade is Haute

I am SO happy with these leggings.  I really think they are fantastic value and it's so lovely knowing they were handmade by a WAHM.  It's worth following Handmade is Haute on Instagram because she posts when she gets new fabric in and things sell out very quickly!!

So, what about your little style stars?  Link up what they've been rocking below.  Don't forget to comment here and keep checking back to see who else joins in and visit them - share the love!


  1. Cute dungarees, I didn't blog much last week either. Nice to get back to normal x

    1. It is, isn't it! Glad I'm not the only one up at this hour either... it's the only time you get some peace isn't it!

      They are cute dungarees and I've been really pleased with how they are wearing. Comfy but they seem really hard wearing. Wash well too! xx

  2. love that legging action! they are the best invention.

  3. Thanks for hosting! I love the leggings!

  4. Lovely dungarees! Like Felix's odd socks/ tights under them too! It's not so easy blogging when the kids are home, that's for sure, even when they're big like mine!

  5. Baby/todder moccs are just my favorite things!

  6. The dungarees are great. I found them a real pain for changing nappies, but they do always look great.

  7. I never find time to blog with three young children, sometimes i get up really early to do it.
    Love Felix leggins x

  8. Hi I'm new to this, and blogging! & I linked up wrong when I did it first, I'm sorry!
    Hope I did it right the second time.
    Love the leggings on little Felix, adorable!

  9. Love the Grubbies dungas and those leggings. This linky costs me a fortune! ;-) Thanks for hosting.

  10. Love your stuff! and your little girl looks ADORABLE :)

    Catherine Vargas
    Vintage Girls

  11. I can't wait for our leggings to arrive, they were shipped this week so fingers crossed i'll have them soon! I'm really slacking on blogging at the moment, I will be joining back in next week though xx

  12. It is nice to have family time but that smears getting tired but I bet it is worth it. They both look adorable and the leggings are pretty. The boys seem to be comfortable in it which is good.


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