Thursday 6 February 2014

Trendy Thursday - Vintage clothing and Golden Docs

Happy Thursday everyone!  Yes!  It's Friday Eve! Let's all have a big sigh of relief - the weekend is in sight!

I got some gorgeous bargains via eBay last week.  Ethan finally grew out of his collection of waistcoats recently so I sourced some replacements on eBay.  I'm more than happy to buy second hand.  I managed to buy three, one smart Next one that came with a shirt and two woollen style ones, one Jasper Conran and one from Tesco Clothing.  For all three I think I paid less than £10.  I love the woollen ones, they can make an outfit slightly smarter but are also good for adding an extra layer of warmth and make an outfit extra trendy!

Stripy Waistcoat - Cherokee For Tesco via eBay
Rocket print top - Smafolk
Checked leggings - H&M Girls
Gold Doc Martens

I'd been looking for some Docs for Ethan for an age.  I find it hard to buy something like that brand new for him - they go through shoes so quickly and Docs aren't cheap.  I've no issue buying second hand shoes as long as they haven't been heavily worn.  Finally, I got lucky and found a pair in Ethan's current size on eBay.  The starting bid was £9.99 but with free postage so I went for it.  No one else bid and they were ours!  Total bargain I think.  Ethan's feet will probably grow out of them soon but at least I can save them for Felix.  They look amazing on him, really go well with his leggings and skinny jeans.  He loves them as well, he calls them his golden dancing boots.  I'm happy to report that he's comfy in them as well.  Perhaps in the case of Docs it's better buying them slightly worn in - I know it takes a while to make them comfy!

Felix hasn't been left out.  I found a lady selling a whole load of vintage children's clothing from the 50s - 80s.  It was old shop stock, unworn.  I decided to limit myself to one item but it was very hard to pick!  I went for a 1970s Ladybird romper.  So adorable!  It's a little big for Felix just yet, but it'll be great for spring and summer!

I also bought a couple of items from the new season collection at Zara Baby - I really like their clothes for children.  I've never been a big fan of them for myself (I feel they are the same quality as H&M ladies clothing but more pricey with less choice) but really do like their children's items.  I bought a cute t shirt which I think is super trendy and some of their baby trousers - I especially like their baby trousers because they are generous around the bum which is great for big cloth nappies!

Gold Docs - eBay
Vintage Romper - eBay
Teepee t shirt - Zara Baby
Trousers - Zara Baby

My boys at the weekend:

Ethan - as above


Collar - Polarn O. Pyret
Long Sleeved Vest - Katvig
Bloomers - Beau Loves via Scandinavian Minimal 
Tights - Trumpet

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  1. I love those gold Docs! I'm a big fan of Doc Martens myself, but have never bought them for the kids precisely because they are so expensive and they grow out of them so quickly. Maybe I should buy them for my boys and they could hand them down to me! ;)

  2. love love love Felix's black and white outfit! I had a gorgeous chevron tunic for Athena in black and white but sadly grew too small. Off to check out the ebay vintage seller now!'

  3. I love it when you get a bargain on ebay! Wow to gold Docs & cute romper. Xx

  4. I love the waistcoats, i have some for Alex that used to belong to Seb, also love the Docs, i really want to get some red ones for Seb. I can't believe how big Felix is getting now!! x


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