Monday 24 February 2014

Real Mom Style - Winter colours

This weeks Real Mum Style (or Mom if you're from the USA!) is brought to you by tiredness - that's the badge of all Mum's out there, isn't it!

Half term has just gone.  It is lovely not to have the school run in the mornings and not to have to rush to get Ethan and Felix dressed, but the weather wasn't very kind to us (as is often the case in February in the UK!) and getting out and about wasn't easy.  We didn't get up to a great deal.  I couldn't get any blogging done during Felix's naps due to Ethan being around so I had a week off from blogging (well, I was working on background work, emails etc until late most evenings!!).

So... yes.  I'm a bit tired and quite happy to be having a normal week this week.

One of my favourite colour groupings for Autumn & Winter is yellow, brown, orange, maroon & turquoise.  I love this kind of palate.  It's colourful and fun  but without being too in your face.  I styled today's outfit around a dress I bought a little while back in a charity shop and I think it's come together quite well.  Even my hair and slippers fit in!!
Dress - Charity shop
Maroon long sleeved top - New Look
Mustard tights - New Look
Slippers - Moccis

I feel happy in this outfit.  I might be tired and have no make up on my eyes (eye infection - joy!) but I feel pretty good.  It lifts my mood - and that's a good thing!

I'm linking up today with Maria from Very Busy Mama for the Real Mom Style linky.


  1. I love that you dress to elevate your mood, me too!

  2. Love the dress! Reminds me of the Brady Bunch era! Thanks for connecting.

  3. Fun choice of colors and a dress to elevate your mood totally! :)

    Thank you for linking up with #realmomstyle



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