Wednesday 26 February 2014

Caitlin Charles-Jones for George at ASDA

Buying your clothes in the supermarket.  It's not glamerous, is it, but it's very handy!  These days it's much improved as well and you can really pick up some fantastic stylish bargains.

I was shopping at ASDA online last week, needing a new step stool for the Ethan to use, and I thought I'd take a look at the latest clothing.  I came across a knitwear range by Caitlin Charles-Jones who had won the knitwear award at the Graduate Fashion Week.  Her collection jumped out of me - very bold colours and simple designs with a geometric flare.  ASDA listed some amazing knit dresses, but unfortunately, they didn't have my size.  I decided to plump for an orange jumper and a black panel dress.

On picking up my order from my local store, I excitedly rushed home - the clothes did not disappoint!

I've worn the panel dress once, it was comfy and looked fantastic with leggings.  Today however, I am rocking my orange jumper.  I love it.  It's a perfect mix with my zigzag leggings and it really lifts my mood.  It suits the sunshine that has popped out today!

I hope Caitlin brings out another range with ASDA or they get more stock of the dresses - one thing is to sure, she's on my "to watch" list!

Linking up today with Transatlantic Blonde for What I Wore Wednesday.


  1. love the leggings! i think the orange works really well with them :)

  2. I can't wear orange but that looks amazing on you with your hair!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  3. i would love those leggings, where are they from?

  4. They are amazing, aren't they! I got them from H&M but it was a few months ago now... perhaps you could find some on eBay? x


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