Monday 24 February 2014

Sorting my skin out with Soap & Glory

I'm a long term fan of Soap & Glory products.  Their hand creams have been my go to favourites for years now (Hand Food and more recently, Endless Glove) and Scrub Your Nose In It is the best face scrub I've used in a long time.  They are staples in my life.

Despite this, I've never branched out to their other skincare ranges.  I decided recently that it was time to try something different for my skin.  I'm nearly 32 and with the birth of Felix, I've noticed some changes in my skin.  Not good ones.  It's probably down to late nights, early mornings, disturbed sleep and age, but I've noticed the fresh face disappearing (if it was ever there!) and wrinkles creeping in.  I think I'm quite lucky really, before now, there's been little sign of age on my skin, but it has to happen!

I've always looked after my skin, washed it twice a day, moisturised twice a day, always used an eye cream (since age 11!) but I thought it was time for something more appropriate.  I wasn't quite sure what to go for, but very helpfully, the folks at Soap & Glory provide an online Skin Diagnosis Tool which is very kind!

I have combination skin and am quite prone to break outs, so after completing the questions about my skin, I got a recommendation for quite a mixture of products, some to protect against ageing and some to prevent break outs.

After having a good read up about all the products recommended, I decided to plump for Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum (online reviews really raved about this but also mentioned it hadn't caused acne), Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Eye Cream (need to combat those under eye wrinkles!), Beauty Sleep Accelerator (something to use at night to work hard on my poor skin!) and The Fab Pore Purifying Mask & Peel (something to use a few times a week against those spots).

I ordered my products through Boots and had them delivered to my local store.  On Friday they were ready for collection, so, very excitedly (me that is!) I dragged the boys into town to pick up my products.  The evening could't come quickly enough so I could get the boys in bed and drink wine try the products out.

I washed my face and used the mask first, leaving it on for a good 15 minutes so it could do it's work.  It was easy to apply and smelt nice.  I liked that it didn't go hard and uncomfortable whilst on and was quite easy to wash off.  My skin felt really soft and fresh afterwards.  I followed it with all of my new creams.

Every single cream smells lovely.  They all sink into my skin easily and none of them feel heavy.  You don't need to do loads of rubbing, just massage them in gently.

I've been using them for 4 days now and personally, I feel my skin is looking brighter.  I have had a few new spots appear, but that is most likely my skin just adjusting.  I've certainly not had a major break out or bad reaction.

Happily, the creams all work well under my make up so I don't have to wait ages after applying them before I can put my make up on.  This has been an issue with other creams in the past.

All in all, I'm very happy. Soap & Glory - I love you!

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  1. I Love Soap & Glory, skincare and body care alike! Glad it's working for you too - I'm using soo many different things at the moment but S&G products certainly sit at the top of my list of likes !

    Laura -


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