Monday 24 February 2014

Justafit by Infasense - the onesie with sense!

There's a problem with all in one sleepsuits, isn't there - baggy feet & legs - babies slipping and tripping themselves up.  Something my children have never needed any help with as it is!

Well, the folks at Infasense have designed something to help with this very issue - an adjustable sleep suit (or onesie as they are calling it).  It's such a simple idea when you think of it - adjustable wrists and ankle fittings so you can make them fit tightly, stopping those droopy baggy feet and sleeves hanging in the way allowing your baby to get around freely and more safely.

I'll let Infasense give you some information in their own words:

A NEW British brand, Infasense has created an innovative, patent pending, adjustable onesie for babies and toddlers.  The Justafit has been specially designed to eliminate the hazards posed by conventional, off-the-shelf onesies, by providing a safer, more hygienic, comfortable and economical alternative.
The product is the inspiration of Mumpreneur Caroline Driver, whose attention was drawn to the dangers of ill-fitting onesies during a routine visit from her family health visitor.  Previous to this, she had witnessed the ‘flipper feet’ that emerged once her children began to crawl and toddle, and the ‘daily dunking’ of overly long sleeves in the breakfast cereal.  The unique adjustable cuffs and ankles put an end to these problems, whilst ensuring the child’s safety; no more nasty trips, slips or messy cuffs caused by excess fabric.

"We all recognise that no two babies are the same, it’s therefore equally comprehendible that one size won’t fit all.  Parents often experience a point in their child’s life where the shelf size doesn’t match their child’s growth rate; some 12 month old babies will require an 18-24 month sizing, whilst others a 9-12 month sizing,” explains Caroline. “The Justafit adjustable onesie provides a simple solution to this problem, and in turn, helps reduce risks posed by ill-fitting onesies, whilst enabling for growth with the child”.

Made from quality hypoallergenic breathable cotton, the Justafit comes in five colourways and is available in five sizes from 6-months to 3-years.

So.  What did we think of the product?  Well, it's nice and soft for one thing, which is important.  The colour is bold and vibrant.  It's easy to put on and easy to adjust.  Really, it's just like putting on any other sleepsuit apart from once it's on, you use the velcro on the sleeves and ankles to loosen or tighten the fit.

Does it work?  Yes!  No droopy saggy extra fabric.  Felix is able to get around comfortably in it.  He isn't bothered by the velcro straps.  There is something I would recommend to Infasense to improve the product - grippy soles on the feet.  After all, the idea behind these suits is to make it safer for baby to get around by stopping those saggy extra bits of material that bunch up and hang down if a suit doesn't fit correctly.  This isn't really too much of an issue until your baby is pulling up to stand and walking though.. and if they are doing that, grips on the feet would be very useful as well to help aid falling over.  It's only a small thing though, that could be easily added!

Infasense have provided a video to tell you a little about the product which can be found on YouTube

You can buy from Infasense direct here.  They also have a Facebook page and Twitter account so you can stay up to date!

***This product was provided for review purposes but all views expressed are my own***

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