Thursday 13 February 2014

Boys in pink

Continuing from last weeks tirade on people calling my boys girls, I thought I'd feature Felix wearing pink and a whole load of rainbows today - go on, I dare you to call him a girl ;-D

Bib - eBay
Romper - Plastisock
Leg Warmers - Tiny Nippers
Moccasins - Moccis

I love this outfit.  It's comfy for him, but bright as well.  Apart from the leggings, these are all Ethan's old clothes.  The Plastisock romper is one of my favourites so it's lovely to see it being worn again.  I adore Plastisock prints.  Their clothes wash really well as well.  You'd never know this was on it's second child!

Have you got any cool outfits to show off this week?  Show off and share what your children have been wearing and link up below.  Don't forget to tweet me your link and comment here and on other posts.

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Is that really pink? It looks quite red. Honestly he still doesn't look like a girl but then I dressed mine in pretty, pretty girly clothes (no green allowed haha). It foes look very comfy and nothing like bright colourful clothes to cheer up these dreary days x


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