Wednesday 12 February 2014

Teething jewellery - staying stylish with a teething baby.

I love accessories and jewellery.  Always have!  When I had Ethan, I wasn't really aware of teething jewellery, it wasn't quite so well known.  However, when I was pregnant with Felix, I was very aware of it and felt very happy.  Why?  Well, apart from having something to offer a teething baby, I was looking forward to still being able to sport a bit of bling whilst carting a small person around.

Anyone who wears jewellery but has a baby or small child (or anyone who's ever come into contact with one whilst wearing jewellery!) knows how much they tug on it, chew on it and pull on it.  When you think of it, it seems obvious - why not create jeweller that looks good but is also safe for babies to chew and pull on.

The first brand I became aware of were Gumigem.  They offer a range of necklaces and bangles that look great.  I bought Felix and I a necklace and bangle from them.  He quickly took to the necklace so I ended up wearing it all the time - this is one of the reasons I wanted to buy more!  The bangle he didn't love straight away, but most of the time I have it attached to his buggy for him to chew on and he's always chomping away on it!

The necklaces feature a clasp which gives away easily if pulled making it harder for the necklace to be broken by little hands pulling!

After Gumigem, I wanted something a bit different.  I stumbled across Coastal Path Creations on Facebook and couldn't wait to place an order.   Coastal Path Creations is run by Stef, herself a Mum.  She makes all the jewellery herself.  As well as a range of gummy jewellery, she also makes jewellery with crochet beads.  These are great because they have a lovely texture for babies to chew on and fiddle with.  She also makes a range of "twiddlers" which are strings or bangle type items which can be attached to buggies, slings and carriers so babies have something to fiddle and twiddle with!  

I ordered a bracelet and twiddler for Felix.  The necklace I wear all the time.  It's my favourite and most versatile teething necklace.  Felix really really likes to chew on it.  The twiddler generally stays attached to his buggy and again, he chews on it all the time.

One other brand I've discovered recently is Jellystone Designs.  They are an Australian company but are stocked in various places in the UK - I bought from Amber Pumpkin.  Jellystone Designs have created a range of silicone teething jewellery and chews.  They have also created a range of necklaces for children age 3+.  Many children still like to chew on something even when all their teeth have grown.  Ethan loves chewing on things still (he likes to steal my teething jewellery) so I love this idea.  Ethan has asked me to get one for him (the range includes a robot necklace and heart necklace in a variety of colours).    I wanted to order something different to my other jewellery so I went for one of their owl pendants in yellow.  I'm so happy with it.  It looks really cool.  Felix has taken to it.  It's very handy during nappy changes (he grabs on it, so I take it off and hand it to him for the duration of the change!).  It's very eye catching as well!

Like Gumigem, the necklace features a plastic clasp.

So - there you have it!  No need to say goodbye to jewellery when surrounded by little monkeys!  You can look good, soothe them and make both of you happy at the same time.  Love it!

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