Friday 14 March 2014

Friday Feature - Monkey & Mole Moccasins - get 20% off!

I am really happy to introduce an exciting new brand to you for today's Friday Feature.  For a long time now I have been a fan of moccasins on babies and toddlers.  Like many people, I've lusted after Freshly Picked moccs but have been put off by prices and the risk of import taxes (Freshly Picked are an American brand). I've scoured Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy for something similar and based closer to home but until last week, I hadn't found anything..

And then it happened.. on Instagram I stumbled across Monkey & Mole.  I couldn't believe my eyes, here were some moccs that looked just as amazing if not MORE amazing than Freshly Picked.  Better still, they were UK based.  No import taxes!!  I knew it was only a matter of weeks (days.. hours.. minutes!) until I'd place an order.  I couldn't stop thinking about them.

Monkey & Mole is the brainchild of work at home Mum Chrissy.  Her little monkey wasn't keen on wearing socks or shoes leaving Chrissy in a bit of a quandary.  Like me, she had fallen for American brands of moccs but was struggling to find any in the UK.  So, she decided to design and make her own and she has done a fantastic job I have to say!

Chrissy currently offers her moccasins in a variety of colours; cream, yellow, blue, coral, green and pink.

Monkey and Mole Moccasins
Monkey and Mole Moccassins

She also makes a rather amazing range of moccasin sandals.  Something I've not seen anywhere before (I'll be ordering a pair for summer!).  These are available only in green at the moment.  Chrissy makes all of the moccasins herself and most are made to order although she does have a "ready made" tab on her website.  At the moment she has a pair of coral moccs and yellow moccs ready to ship.  Most orders take 7-10 days to complete.  The moccasins are made from 100% leather in UK baby/toddler sizes 0-10.

Monkey and Mole Sandals
Monkey and Mole Sandals

I plumped for a green pair in size 4 for Felix.  I placed the order late on the 6th of March and received them early on the 12th, less than a week later and only 3 business days later!  I couldn't have been more impressed.  As I follow Monkey & Mole on Twitter and Instagram, I knew that they were on the way because Chrissy posted a photo tagging me!  It only added to the anticipation!

They arrived beautifully packaged in a stylish cardboard box and wrapped in some gorgeous tissue paper.  You could really see the care that had gone into making and packing them.

Monkey and Mole Moccasins
Monkey and Mole

It was obvious straight way what fantastic quality the moccs are.  The leather is butter soft to touch but firm at the same time.  Previous pairs of moccs I've bought for Felix have been cheaper but the quality has been nowhere near as good.  Chrissy states on her website that the moccs are designed to stay on and I can confirm they really truly do.  Felix has been wearing them every day since they arrived and they have not made it off his feet once.  This has never happened with any of his shoes before.  Even his Moccis have come off from time to time.

The moccs are receiving compliments left, right and centre.  Everyone adores them!  Felix is as happy as Larry wearing them.  He doesn't try to take them off, just happily goes about his day crawling and trying to walk.  I think they are helping him with the walking and standing because they grip quite naturally to the floor.

Monkey and Mole Moccasins
Monkey and Mole Moccasins close up

Felix's moccs fit him very well.  I chose size 4 based on the size of his other shoes.  They have a little growing room in them which is fantastic.  Chrissy offers a very helpful size guide on her site.

I have something very exciting to tell you now - Chrissy has very kindly offered my readers and followers a 20% off discount code.  For a very short time, between now and Tuesday pm (18th March) you can get 20% off your order of moccasins (not sandals I'm afraid) by using the code Spring20 at checkout.

Monkey and Mole moccasins are £35.00 and postage is £4.95.  Free delivery is available on UK orders over £50.  Whilst these are not a cheap purchase, I fully believe you get what you pay for.  Having paid around £25 for shoes that look similar, I can promise you, these are far better quality.  Other shoes I've bought Felix have looked worn within hours.  His still look brand new despite him crawling around in them for 4 days.  I know they are going to continue to look great for a long time yet.

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