Friday 13 March 2015

Dunster Castle without a bump!

We are huge National Trust fans in our house.  We've been members for 6 years now (well, I was a member as a child for most of my childhood too) and we get so much out of our membership.  If ever we can't think of something to do there's always a National Trust place to visit.   I love how if we go on holiday somewhere else in the UK there are places for us to visit at no extra cost.  When we visited Yorkshire two years ago it was wonderful to know we'd have activities that wouldn't cost us more.

There are many properties local to us that we visit several times a year such as Tyntesfield and Stourheard.   Then there are other places that we visit every few years such as Dunster Castle in Minehead.  We visited Dunster last Saturday as the weather was beautiful.  The last time we had been was almost exactly two years ago when I was heavily pregnant with Felix.  The time before that I was pregnant with Ethan.  This was the first time in 6 years I'd visited Dunster without carrying around a baby bump!

There's lots to enjoy in Dunster.  When you arrive there are a few fields next to the car park in which you can walk and picnic.  Last Saturday and the time before we had a picnic on one of the picnic benches.  This area is fenced off from the car park so it's nice to know your child can't get too far!

There are some beautiful grounds to walk around and a really lovely natural playground that was built a few years ago.  Our boys loved this.  We all did actually, especially the huge tree trunk stepping stones!

The castle itself is fascinating.  We like the spooky areas best!

Once you've looked around the castle, walked through the ground and enjoyed the beautiful views it's always nice to walk into the village itself.  My parents had their honeymoon in Dunster 40 years ago this March so it's quite a special place for our family!  There are some great little shops, cafes and pubs.  We particularly like the chocolate shop!

I heartily recommend Dunster for a day out!

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