Friday 6 March 2015

Funky Kid Friday - Ryder L

Have you seen my new feature?  Once a week I'm going to write about brands/cool feeds/crafty folks that I've found on Instagram.  I'm calling it Instaspiration and it will be published on Saturdays (I think that's the time of week people have a bit of time for some inspiration!).  I love stumbling across new brands, especially small start up businesses, work at home Mum's, UK businesses etc.  Instagram is the perfect place for this.

A brand I love on Instagram is Ryder L.  I've been following them for a while and have wanted to make a purchase for ages.  Something I've noticed about Ryder L is that they have a very defined style and a particularly good range of accesories, especially hats!

In the end it was a hat I decided to purchase.  Ethan really likes a cap for Spring/Summer.  They come in very handy for school as well.  We can never have too many hats, it's good to have a few at home, one in the car, one for school etc.  Ryder L have the coolest range of snap back caps I've seen.  It was hard to choose which one to go for but in the end I chose the one with DUDE on the back - my boys are often described as dudes when I post pics of them on IG!

Ryder L, hats, caps

I was hoping to be able to share a photo of Ethan wearing the cap but unfortunately the post person decided to deliver my parcel to the wrong address - goodness knows where!  As a result it's ended up back at Ryder L HQ.  They are very kindly sending it straight back out to us, but how odd!!

Luckily there are loads of gorgeous pictures from the Ryder L shop for me to share.

Ryder L, kids fashion

Something else very exciting - Ryder L are holding a Brand Enthusiast search on IG at the moment.  If you have stylish kids you might want to enter.  Details are on IG but it's running for a few more days so go check it out!

#repforryderl Ryder L

Over to you guys now - got a kids fashion post?  Link up below!  Please link to me in your blog posts and tweet me your links so I can RT!

Have a lovey Friday :-) xx

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  1. Great idea for a feature as you are so active on IG :) nice to lern about new brands!


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