Friday 13 March 2015

Funky Kid Friday - a tiring week and a heap of monochrome

What a strange week it's been.  For some unknown reason, Felix has been quite grumpy and on top of that he's been sleeping badly.  His naps haven't been great and at night time.. well, he's waking up and staying awake crying for hours.  It's been hard work.  The only way we can stop him crying is by being with him but he doesn't settle in our bed so that means being in his room.  If we hold him whilst sitting on his chair he wriggles out to get down so that leaves trying to get in the cot with him but again, because one of us is there he sees it as play time.. so we leave him, and he cries.  It's been hard.  I wish I knew what was causing it.  A developmental leap?  Teeth pain?  Despite having quite an amazing vocabulary and being able to speak in quite long sentences he doesn't seem to be able to explain what's causing him to wake up and stay awake.


Needless to say I've not been feeling hugely passionate about clothes this week.  We manged to join in with Innocent Charms' #styleitkids a few times but apart from that we've not made much effort!

We had some goodies arrive from Stitched Up Apparel this week, some of the amazing narwhal print leggings (ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) an adorable graphic cloud print infinity scarf and a cute wall hanging.  Stitched Up Apparel are still running a brand rep search on IG - I'm hoping against hope with all my fingers and toes crossed that we might get picked!!

Stitched Up Apparel Narwhale leggings

Stitched Up Apparel

Stitched Up Apparel

Don't forget to check my blog over the weekend - my new Saturday feature "Instaspiration" will be live from midnight and this week I'm featuring an amazing new brand I've found called Blaebird.  A brand created by Sophia in response to the lack of cool clothes for babies.

You can link up any kids fashion/style posts you've written below.  Please don't forget to tweet me your link so I can retweet it for you.  Comment here and visit others who join in :-)

Happy Friday all! x


  1. Urgh, I don't envy you at all. Its really tough when they don't sleep well. Hope Felix gets back into a 'normal' routine for you at all. I've found with mine that if they have patches like this its either because they are ill (or in the days before being ill - lets hope it isn't that!) or developmental. I remember E having a few weeks of bad sleep but she had learnt to walk and do several things within that time, its like they can't do everything!

    Loving the outfits. Hope you get picked as brand rep! xx

  2. Poor Felix! And poor Mommy! Grumpy little ones equal exhaustion and grumpiness for all involved. The outfits are precious, though! Wishing you luck! Thanks for hosting the kiddo link up!


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