Wednesday 7 October 2015

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller

I first discovered Swedish children's design company Elodie Details when Ethan was a tiny baby.  Their products caught my eye.  I love the variety of items they sell.  When I first found them they stocked hats, gloves, stroller accessories, bottles, cups, dummies.  I have watched them grow over the last six years and I feel they have gone from strength to strength.  Today they have realised their dream to stock strollers of their own designing, a bedding range and beautiful homewears.

My relationship with Elodie Details is longstanding.  Not only have I bought many items from them over the years, they actually have the honor of providing my first "official" item for review!  Years back I reviewed one of their stroller bags.  The quality was stunning.

When ED brought out their range of Stockholm Strollers a couple of years ago, I was very excited.  I'm a real sucker for beautiful buggies, prams and strollers.  The Stockholm Stroller doesn't disappoint.  From a design perspective it is a delight.  It looks beautiful.  What I am very happy about as a parent is that not only is it beautiful, it is very much functional.

We were sent a Stockholm Stroller in Graphic Grace.  It will come as no surprise to most of you that I had fallen for this stroller.  I adore monochrome at the moment so I had been lusting after this stroller for a long time.

This is no basic stroller.  The features include:

- Extra large wheels (easier to push over uneven surfaces)
- Fully adjustable back rest (great for naps)
- Fully extendable "paparazzi" canopy/sunshade
- One handed back rest adjustment
- Folds up small & comes with a carry case (great for travel)
- Five point harness with shoulder pads
- Large easily accessible shopping basket
- Suitable from 6 months - 3 years (max weight 15kg)
- Lightweight

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller Graphic Grace

We have been testing this stroller out for just over a month now.  I like to use items like this for quite a while before writing a review.  I like to test them out in a variety of situations.  

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller Graphic Grace

We have taken it shopping, taken it on country walks, taken it on the school run, used it in sunshine, used it in the rain, used it for naps.

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller Graphic Grace

I can say that after using it I find that:

- It is indeed lightweight.  It's easy to fold and lift.  Getting it in and out of our car boot is no issue.
- The backrest is very very easy to adjust.  I have experience of other strollers which were either very stiff when it came to backrest adjustment or were impossible to do with one hand (like OBABY).
- The big wheels provide a very smooth ride.
- The large canopy has become an essential for me.  I wouldn't buy a stroller that didn't have an extendable canopy.  Not only is it fantastic for keeping sun out of eyes, it's great in a surprise rain shower and fantastic for napping children.
- The zipped parent pocket on the back is very handy.  Great for mobiles, keys, snacks etc,
- The shopping bag is the most generous one I've seen in this type of stroller,  
- The stroller is easy to push.  The handle height is good.

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller Graphic Grace

If I were to change anything, well, there wouldn't be much.  Being really picky I suppose it might be nice if the parent pocket were a touch bigger.  And maybe if the handles were adjustable.  The stroller doesn't come with a rain-cover as standard - Elodie Details also sell their own rain-covers which you can buy separately.  These rain-covers are something beautiful in their own right.  Perhaps it would be nice to provide a basic clear rain-cover with the strollers.  But it isn't essential.

Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller Graphic Grace

This is a high-end stroller.  It's not cheap and it isn't basic.  You do get what you pay for with these things I find.  What I love about this stroller is that whilst you get everything you could want from it, you also get to look like the coolest parent-kid combo in town.  I love when I can provide something my child loves and is functional but without compromising on my style.  After all, I'm the one who has to push this around!  I adore the fact you can buy heaps of matching accessories.

I think you'd be hard pushed to find a cooler stroller!  You can purchase from Elodie Details direct or from a few other retailers such as Amazon.  They retail around £200.

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