Tuesday 6 October 2015

Zazzle - THE place for printed tees & vests!

Have you heard of Zazzle?  I have to be honest and say that until I was contacted by them I hadn't.  At least, I don't believe I had, I may well have stumbled across them without really realising!  Zazzle are an online retailer that allow you to upload your own images or use ones they have already (designed by lots of different artists and designers) and have them printed on to all sorts of objects from mugs to bags and even clothing.

I was offered the chance to choose some items of clothing from them, in particular from their range of tops and vests.  I must admit that the choice was so wide that it took me a long time to choose the "perfect" designs for the whole family.  There were just so many cool images to choose from.  There is literally something for everybody out there.  You can even upload your own images.  The possibilities are endless!  The choice of clothing you can have images printed on is also vast.  There are several styles of t shirts, long and short sleeved.  A new ladies vest collection (all styles, racer back, skinny straps, thick straps, exercise wear). Hooded tops.  Heavy weighted tees, light weight.  All sorts of colours.  There are several different brands of clothing used for printing including American Apparel so you know that quality will be good.

In the end I plumped for a raglan style tee with different prints for myself and the boys.  I also chose a strapy vest top.  For Pete I ordered something a little geeky in a heavy weight tee (he likes to wear tees all year round but appreciates a warmer one in Autumn/Winter).

Zazzle printed tshirts vests raglan

Ethan was ecstatic when he saw what I'd ordered for him.  He loves animals, in particular dogs, so I chose a dog design.  One a little different - a dog painting spots on himself!  I've found it hard to get this top off Ethan since it arrived.  He adores it.

Zazzle printed tshirts vests raglan

For Felix I chose a train design because he loves all forms of transport.  He enjoys wearing this top.  What I like about it is that it's something he likes but it's still cool and not tacky.  I'm not a fan of overly branded clothing or stuff that's too garish.  I like that he can have something he likes but I like too!

For myself, I chose a narhwal design on my raglan (love narhwals!) and a geometric diamond on my vest.  I'm all about geometric just now!

I chose something a little geeky for Pete.  He's a programmer.  I wanted something that was a bit geeky but not overly so.  Something he could wear to work to make his colleagues chuckle but that wouldn't get him stared at (everyone understands the term "programming" not everyone would understand a tee with a lode of C# on it).  I went for a green tee.  He's very fond of green, we all are.  Green suits him.

All of the tops are fantastic quality.  They have all washed very well.  The boys in particular.  They've been washed the most.  There's are American Apparel.  They are lightweight.  They've stayed soft, not shrunk and haven't bobbled.

My raglan and vest are made from slightly thicker material.  They've washed well.  The vest has come up ever so slightly smaller on me than I'd like ideally but that's a case of getting used to sizing.  It's quite a short style.  With vests I usually prefer longer length.  That's just personal preference though.  It just means that if I were to order that style again I'd size up.  The vests are sold in S,M,L,XL.  I am an 8/10 on top usually but I do have quite big boobs.  I chose S but perhaps M would have been better.

Pete's tee is nice and thick.  It looks fantastic after several washes.  The fit is great. He has worn it several times which is a good sign!

Overall, I am very impressed!  Prices are good, especially for something which is going to look quite individual.  It's around £12+ for a kids tee and £19+ for adult sizes.  I love the fact you can upload your own images.  For special events that could be great!  I've just been back on their site just now and noticed a load of Halloween designs so I'm tempted to order a few for the boys! Maybe myself too.  I'm a fan of wearing things that are slightly different to the standard so really this is a perfect site for me.  I've got it bookmarked now!

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