Friday 2 October 2015

Funky Kid Friday - Slugs & Snails Tights

Hello all.  I'm sorry for the radio silence.  We moved house last week so both in the run up to that and the aftermath, it's been rather chaotic.  We are starting to get back to some semblance of reality but there is a great deal to do in our new house.  We are all tired out!! Getting the laptop out and blogging isn't my highest priority just now but I don't want to leave it too long.  So, Funky Kid Friday is here today.  Just don't expect to see quite so many posts at the moment!

A few weeks ago we received some exciting news.  The boys and I had been picked as UK brand representatives for the amazing unisex tights/clothing company, Slugs & Snails.  I have been a fan of S&S really ever since they first began, as Kat (the creator) will testify.  I reviewed a pair on the blog years ago and my boys have had Slugs & Snails tights in their draws at all times.  Even now, aged 6, Ethan will happily wear tights.  He either wears them as an extra layer of warmth in winter or under shorts or dungarees in colder months.  He loves S&S in particular because they are bright and fun.

Kat created S&S because she felt there was a gap in the market for tights that were unisex.  It was something that I had spotted as well which is why I ended up finding her tights.  Like Kat, when Ethan was born I wanted to help keep him warm.  The solution is tights or leg warmers but it was quite tricky to find tights that weren't overtly "girly" (gah, detest that word) or frilly.  Now, I will push the boundaries when it comes to what I put my boys in and I was happy enough to buy "girls" tights for Ethan.  He had purple spotty ones.  Pink ones.  It wasn't an issue for me.  But it did create some stares.  As he got older, the issue continued.  Whilst I didn't mind putting him in "girls" tights, I'm not much of a pink fan.  It'd be the same regardless of the sex of my child.  I just don't like a lot of pink!  And so, discovering S&S was a great joy to me.  To be able to buy tights in a good array of colours with some fantastic child and adult pleasing prints on was wonderful.

I still continue to get some looks and raised eyebrows when people realise my boys are wearing tights.  I remember giving some of Felix's old pairs to a friend's wife for their baby daughter.  She had a very funny look on her face and she said "Where did you get the tights from?" I told her that they were Felix's, that he used to wear them.  She looked incredulous! However, we also get a great deal of compliments!

Just look at the wonderful bounty we received from S&S this week!!

Slugs and Snails unisex tights and clothing

I was bowled over.   Felix will be able to wear different tights every day of the week! Perfect timing for winter too.  Even more wonderfully, Kat branched out into clothing and Mama sized tights last year so the boys were sent some beautiful dungarees and elf hooded tops.  And a pair of tights for me so we can all match!  You all know how I love to twin.  I wonder if we could wear our Duns radishes and our S&S tights at the same time.......

Boys in tights?  What do you think?  Practical or weird?

Now it's over to you guys.  Got any kids fashion posts?  Please link them up below!  I would like to say a BIG thank you to my new co-host, Hannah of Make, Do and Push for hosting two weeks in a row - thanks gorgeous!  I don't know how she manages so well with a toddler and non sleeping baby.  Puts me to shame.   I would also like to wish her a happy first wedding anniversary :-)

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Thanks guys and Happy Friday! X

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