Friday 10 May 2013

Friday Feature - The Pippa & Ike Show

I first heard about The Pippa & Ike Show towards the end of last year.  I can't quite remember how.. It may have been via Facebook.. at first I was excited to find out that they had a shop near me in Bristol.  However, this shop was in the process of being closed.  All was not to be lost though because The Pippa & Ike Show were going online.

It has to be said that in today's climate, it's often easier to have an online business than an actual in the flesh shop (no matter how lovely those are).  Let's face it, most of us shop online these days.  We love a cheaper price and it's cheaper for businesses to go online and offer a slightly lower price.  It also increases their reach!

Why was I excited to discover The Pippa & Ike Show?  Well, they stock all the things I love for one thing.  I'm a huge Scandi fan.  I love Scandinavian clothing and style.  I love the look, the ethos, the quality.  Pippa & Ike have everything I lust after all in one place!

The Pippa & Ike Show was set up by Lianne who worked as a children's clothing designer for 18 years in her homeland, The Netherlands.  Lianne has some serious taste.  If you're anything like me, I think you will LOVE her online shop.

I've made several purchases from The Pippa & Ike Show.  A lot of what I've bought is on show in our new baby's room.  Ethan also has a few bits and pieces.

Items from The Pippa & Ike Show in baby's room
Lianne has added some new brands recently including Lapin & Me who I adore.  Here are my current top picks AKA the items I am lusting over but can't really afford to splash the cash on:

Image source:The Pippa & Ike Show

Top Left - Jewellery by Macon & Lesquoy
Top Right - 2 D animal puzzles by Ingela P Arrhenius
Middle Left - Washi Tape from Omm Design
Bottom Right - Baby Sleeping Bag from Farg&Form
Bottom Left - Sonny Angel Dolls

Image source:The Pippa & Ike Show
A beautiful backpack by Mibo for CoqenPâte

I could go on and on listing, honestly, Lianne has THE BEST taste.  The backpack I love in particular because Ethan starts "proper" school in September and his current backpack won't be big enough for all his bits and pieces.  He loves penguins, he's addicted to Pingu at the moment, so I think this would be perfect for him and different enough to suit our style.

I love having Friday Feature on my blog.  It's not about sponsored posts, giveaways etc, just me telling you about a company I love and I cannot express how much I have loved discovering Pippa & Ike.  I love receiving news emails from Lianne, there's always something to tempt me!  Customer service is excellent, parcels are always beautifully wrapped and received quickly.  I can't recommend The Pippa & Ike Show enough!

If you want to keep up to date with Pippa & Ike news, you can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this webpage and follow them on Twitter here.

***This is not a sponsored/paid for post.  I am writing this because I love this company and want to spread the word! No compensation has been received for writing this***


  1. hey Alex, you made me smile, thanks for the very nice feature! It is so nice to hear people say how much they like The Pippa & Ike Show and the customer service we offer. XLianne

  2. Hi Alex, I'm interested to hear more about your Stella & Dot journey since you joined last year, having just come across your blog entry from when you signed up and held your first trunk show!! I have also just signed up and haven't booked a show yet (partly because I'm going on holiday in a week) but also partly because I'm worried about pissing my mates off!! I don't want to invest too much in the pieces in case I decide it's not for me....any tips/advice would be most welcome.



    1. Hi Sarah,

      To be honest, I've found it quite hard to get anywhere with Stella & Dot. It might be my location (I live in a small town). It might be me. Maybe I'm not pushy enough! It might be the types of people I know. Whilst everyone seems to love the jewellery most of them seem to comment that it's too expensive and as such, beyond the odd sale here and there, nothing much has happened for me. Perhaps if I lived in a city and knew more working women I'd have had more success. I'm not saying it's not worth giving a go, I've more than made back my initial investment and it's always something I can do having joined up. Obviously I'm very heavily pregnant at the moment so it's not something I'm spending any time on, but that doesn't mean to say I won't in the future!

      I'm pretty sure your friends won't be annoyed if you hold a show at your house and invite them over. Mine didn't seem to. It's where you go from there which is tricky. You never know, you may have more success than I have!

      I don't regret joining, as I said, I made back my investment. It's something that I can keep going in the background and maybe build upon in the future, but it's not been a huge money spinner for me.


  3. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your feedback. I'm slightly encouraged to hear that you made back your investment though. Can I ask did you invest any extra over and above the initial start up pack? I'm slightly worried as I signed up a couple of weeks ago and haven't had chance to really do anything with it yet as we're going away next week. When I get back I can concentrate on it a bit more and really push it. My worry is that, like you, I'm not particularly pushy either so I'm never going to make a lot of money from long as I make back what I've invested I'll be happy!! Plus I do genuinely love the even if I don't sell anything at least I'll have an amazing jewellery collection!! :) xx

    1. That's OK! I'm happy to help :)

      I didn't invest any more initially, but as hostess of my first show I earned jewellery credits so used them to buy more stock. I've not bought anything in a while though!!

      I expect once I've had this baby & things have settled down a bit I'll try & set up a trunk show :) don't think I'll ever make big bucks doing it!

      Goof luck- let me know how you get on! X

  4. Will do. Good luck with the baby xx


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