Tuesday 21 May 2013

40 weeks plus - Overdue

I didn't manage a 39 weeks blog post, I'm sorry about that everyone.  I didn't feel much like blogging last week.  To be honest, I don't feel much like it this week either, but Ethan is at preschool, I'm about as ready for this baby as I can be, I don't particularly need a nap just now and I don't want to do any cleaning.. so.... here I am!

Sunday just gone was my due date, 19th May (though going by my original dates my due date was 17th May).  So, seeing as we consider "term" in this country to be between 38-40 weeks, I am now overdue.  Don't you just hate that word, that label?  It's not very helpful I feel.  After all, each pregnancy and baby are different.  Some of us just seem to have naturally longer pregnancies.  My Mum was "overdue" with me (though my brother came on the day after his due date) and my husband's Mum was late with most of her children I believe (I know for sure she was with hubby and I think the other 3 were as well).  I reached 42 weeks with Ethan.

Back to my point.  Overdue isn't a good word really, is it?  It implies lateness... and most of us don't associate lateness as a good thing.  It's not nice to turn up late for something, to leave someone waiting for you (are you listening baby?!).  Overdue implies you are FINALLY receiving something you should have received a long time ago (baby, I'm talking to YOU!).  So, once you apply the term overdue to your pregnancy, you apply a negative connotation as well.  I am trying hard not to.  It's so difficult though!  Wherever I go, it's all people want to talk about.  How many weeks are you?  When was your due date? Oh, it'll only be a maximum of two weeks now, chin up!  I don't blame people for asking me.  I am being driven slightly mad by text messages/emails/tweets asking if I'm in labour/any twinges etc.  I don't feel angry at individuals.  After all, they are just interested.  It's just SO HARD not to focus on the fact I'm pregnant and overdue when it's all anyone wants to talk to me about now.  It's no wonder the baby doesn't want to come out.  He's probably bored to death of the inane conversations I keep having...

On the school run:

Acquaintance - "Still walking then?"

Me - "Yup!"

Acquaintance -"Chin up, the walk might encourage labour!"

At the supermarket:

Checkout lady - "When's the baby due love?"

Me - "Oh, I'm overdue now"

Checkout lady *look of abject horror on face* "Oh! Oh no!" looks around as if looking for a suitable panic button, one labelled "overdue pregnant lady in supermarket - may give birth at any moment" to press "Oh, well, errrm.... hopefully it won't be long then love, good luck!" hurriedly starts to deal with next customer in an attempt to usher me out of the shop at speed so she doesn't have to deal with a lady in labour.

There are many other such conversations.  I'm sure you can imagine them.  If you've asked me on Twitter/Facebook/email/Instagram if I've had any twinges or if there are any signs, don't worry, I'm not angry at you... well, maybe just a bit ;-D  No, I'm not, really.  It's just one of those things, isn't it!  I suppose over all it's better than people not being interested.  I have taken to growling at my neighbours if they ask how I am though!!

www.medicatedfollower.com - 40+2

I have actually been having "twinges" and pains.  For a few days actually.  On Sunday I actually had a show. I didn't have either of these "signs" with Ethan so I'm trying to remain positive.  What I don't want is to be facing a fight with the midwives in a week or so about induction.  I really want this homebirth.  Or, at least, I really want a shot at it.  If we start off at home and have to be transferred in, so be it, but I'd at least like to manage most of my labour at home and try out my wonderful looking birthing pool.

What does it feel like to be over 40 weeks pregnant?  Well, it mostly sucks.  Not so much physically.  Ironically, apart from tiredness, in the last couple of weeks I've actually felt a bit better than I have for a while.  My compression tights are so worn now they are well beyond repair.  They have been kept together with a mixture of thread, sewn in heels and clear nail varnish, but they are a mess and not to be seen in public.  Luckily, probably due to the fact I've been wearing them for a few month, my achy legs and varicose vein haven't been too bad, so I'm coping without them.  Equally, I'm not having to wear the support belt I bought.  I'm just generally less achy.  That's not to say I don't feel big and tired, I do, just not as much as I did.

www.medicatedfollower.com - Family Shadows at 40 weeks pregnant

The growth of the bump has slowed down.  Despite getting bigger quicker with this pregnancy, my bump isn't actually any bigger than it was at this stage with Ethan, which is good.  In fact, I've been complimented several times on what a nice compact bump I have.  So that's a good thing.

I think the worst thing about being over 40 weeks is the uncertainty of impending labour and the possibility of induction looming.  Other than that, it's mostly OK.  Don't get me wrong though, I'm ready for this baby to be out now.  I'm not kidding myself, I know it'll be hard once he's here, but it's inevitable that he will be so really, I just want to complete my family and get on with our life now.  It's been on hold for long enough now!

Wish me labour vibes!!


  1. Oh you look fantastic! You'd never know you're full term. I had a friend who told everyone she wasn't due for two weeks after her actual date in order to avoid those final week emails/texts/questions. She popped the baby out when we were totally not expecting it! Look after yourself and enjoy the final few days. Can't wait to hear the good news x

    1. Thank you :) I wish I'd had the sense your friend had!! X

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  3. Ahhh I really feel for you - being overdue is so hard! I was overdue with baby C after expecting to be early like I was with my first so it seemed to go on for ever.

    I too wrote a ranty post - if you fancy a read about 10 Things Not To Say To Someone who is overdue! http://www.blogofamom.com/10-things-not-to-say-to-someone-who-is-overdue/

    Sending labour vibes your way!
    L x

    1. I think being overdue with your second after being early with your first must be even worse! As Ethan was so late I'm not surprised to be overdue again even though it's frustrating.. X

  4. I became a complete hermit once I was "over due", the well meant comments from other people combined with midwives zealously booking inductions as soon as I turned 40 weeks - too much.
    I hesitate to be another one of those well meaning people but have you thought about accupunture. I had that instead of being induced. I hate needles but it worked. A friend is an accpuncturist (not sure I've spelt that right) and none of the women he'd seen had then had to go on and have a medical induction.

    1. I have been wondering about acupuncture actually.. One of my friends had it earlier in the year. She had her daughter at 42 weeks but didn't need medical intervention. Well, she had 3 sweeps, but nothing else.. I am certainly thinking about it! I studied reflexology so I'm going to start regularly applying pressure to acupressure points on my feet as well... X

  5. You look so good!! I was lucky and haven't been overdue but i can imagine how irritating it is. I hope baby makes an appearance soon! x

  6. you looki amazing, at 39 weeks- when Harry was born - I looked like I was carring 3 big babies inside of me. Fingers crossed lill one arrives soon. Best of luck!

  7. I was 'overdue' with my first son (40w6d) and endured induction and c-section - story for another day. With baby #2, I planned a home birth with a midwife and was 'late' again - but he finally came at 41w3d. I know how you feel, and it's so hard to wait, but you will meet that bundle of joy soon!


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