Tuesday 21 May 2013

Trendy Tuesday - Shwings - wings for your shoes!

I'm still here... I'm still (just about) managing to do a Trendy Tuesday post.

I thought today I'd write about Shwings.  I can't remember when I first saw these.  I know it was online.  Perhaps on Instagram.  I thought they looked fantastic though and I knew Ethan would love a pair.  For ages I've had them on my eBay and Amazon wish lists.  I had a bit of spare money in my PayPal account last week so I thought, what the heck, I'll buy Ethan a pair.

They arrived last Wednesday when Ethan was at preschool, so I popped them on his pink Converse whilst he was out, excited to show him them later.  On Thursday he wore them out for the first time when he spent the day with my parents.  He was ecstatic when he saw them and, according to my Dad, spent the day "flying".  Bless him.

www.medicatedfollower.com - Shwings
I got a pair in a turquoise type shade.  I knew they'd contrast nicely with his pink Converse but also be the kind of colour that will work well on other shoes in the future.  After all, unlike his shoes, he won't "grow out" of these.  They are one size, for adults or children.  Hubby has mentioned he quite fancies a pair now, and when I get myself some Doc Martens, I think I'll want a pair to funk them up!  So, yes, we're all loving Shwings in this house!

www.medicatedfollower.com - Shwings
T Shirt - Smafolk via Bebaboo.com
Leggings - DUNNS via Bebaboo.com
Socks - Ted Baker @ Debenhams
Converse - second hand via eBay
Shwings - eBay

I bought ours on eBay but you can also get them on Amazon and probably loads of other places as well :)

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  1. loved the trainers and the top and purple is my favorite color. Just saw your 40 weeks post, best of luck. i hope you can have your home birth and that everything goes well.

  2. We love Shwings. We have a great range of foil Shwings in stock ready for UK despatch at www.shoewings.co.uk with the Neon ones back in stock real soon :)


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