Wednesday 4 December 2013

Salt City Emporium - the best leggings for women and kids?

I've become a little obsessed with leggings in recent years.  I adore how comfortable they are, and how versatile.  The trouble with leggings, though, is that if you aren't careful, you can look a little slummy.  A little like you don't care.  And I do care!  Of course I want (need?) to be comfortable.  That's a necessary when dealing with small children.  All that bending down, picking up etc., you want to be comfy!  You don't necessary want to look like you've just walked off the set of The Jeremy Kyle Show though!

For that reason, I love the recent trend in patterned leggings.  As long as you wear them with a reasonably plain/block colour top or dress they look great, look on trend, look interesting but most of all, look like you've made an effort whilst being comfortable.  Score!

For a long while I've been in love with a monochrome chevron print pair I bought from H&M.. but I wanted more!  An American brand I love for the boys, Salt City Emporium recently branched out into ladies leggings and I started lusting after them immediately.  I buckled recently and treated myself to a couple of pairs.  I'd have to say these are "higher end" leggings (womens legging prices start at $32 and of course you have to pay postage from the USA to UK) but they really are worth it.  The prints are amazing.  I found it incredibly hard to just choose two designs and every time they post something on Instagram I end up lusting after more! In the end I chose a pair of the Arrow Print leggings:

and a pair of the Wolf Hot Air Balloon leggings (love the idea of being "all business" up front and party behind - the design is on the back!).

Something to note - they use fantastic materials in their leggings that wear really nicely.  The arrow print leggings are a mix of polyester and spandex and they cling really nicely.  I wore them two days in a row and didn't get any of the bagging/sagging around the knees you often get with leggings.  The wolf print are cotton and elastane American Apparel leggings - so you know you're getting great quality there!  I also wore these two days in a row and they didn't go baggy.  I measured myself according to Salt City's measurement guidelines and ordered medium in both pairs - I think medium was the right choice for the Arrow Print due to them being a tighter more clingy material.  The American Apparel leggings come up a bit bigger I feel, so I think small would have been a better fit for me there, just to get the streamline look I prefer.  The medium is OK, still wearable, but small would have been better; so, something to bear in mind if you end up ordering.  Both pairs look lovely and slimming though!

I love that I can wear the same brand as my boys.  I can't wait for the day all three of us are rocking our Salt City threads together - shame hubby can't join in at the moment - maybe a scarf/t shirt range for the men would be a good idea?  I don't think hubby would be to keen on rocking leggings (mind you, he wears them to cycle in!!).

**Not a sponsored post, just love this brand and want to share with you!**

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  1. I am so glad you shared this post. I love all you LG pictures & sit envying you all in your gorgeous leggings thank you for sharing :) xx

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