Wednesday 18 December 2013

Trendy Thursday - The 2013 Round Up!

It's time for the final Trendy Thursday post of the year and I thought a nice way to wrap up the year would be to share some of my favourite outfits of the year - but not ones my boys have rocked - no, ones you lovely lot have linked up!! So, without further ado, here's my pick of the bunch:

Lovely Emma from They Grow So Quick has been joining in with my Trendy linky for a loooong time now. I always love her posts, I love that she has two boys like me, and a really similar taste in clothing.  Her boys always look awesome, but overall, I really love the post in which she shared Seb's denim shirt.  It reminded me that Ethan didn't have one and had me heading out to the shops to find one for him.  Love to be inspired!

Up next we have the lovely Kara and her gorgeous daughter Addison.  Kara has a real eye for fashion and her three gorgeous children have just the right balance of cute and trendy in their outfits.  I love this outfit of Addison's that Kara shared with us back in April.  It's cute, but the dark colour of the shoes balances it.  I particularly love the trousers!
addy outfit

Sarah of Mum of Three World started joining in with the Trendy linky earlier this year and has become a regular - thank you!  Her daughter has a great style and as she's a little older than a lot of the other children featured in the linky, it's especially interesting seeing what she's wearing because she is a lot more involved in choosing what she wears!  I adore this beautiful dress that she wore for a Christening in July.  Delicate and striking in an understated way!

Emma from Bubbablue And Me is another long time Trendy buddy.  She has a classic taste.  I think it's fair to say that her taste and my taste are different.  Mine a little more out there I think!! Still, I love to see her posts.  Her little man always looks lovely, well dressed and comfy.  Emma picks some lovely trousers for N and so I've picked her post on chinos.  Love the colour!

chinos and stripes

Hannah of Make Do and Push joined in with Trendy for the first time a few months ago and I adore her style.  It's so lovely to have new bloggers joining in.  The outfits she puts together for her gorgeous Busby are so bright and funky.  Like me, she's a lover of Slugs and Snails tights so I had to pick this post of hers!

Finally, we have Claire of What Elsa Wears.  Oh, I DO love a blog all about what a child is wearing.  This is a blog after my own heart!  I had to pick this post showing Elsa's Christmas jumper collection.  What a collection!!!  I think the snowflake print is my favourite.

That completes my round up!  I've got the linky live, so link up any outfit posts you have for this week if you like.  I want to thank everyone who has joined in with Trendy Tuesday/Thursday this year.  It really means so much to me.  It's such a small linky but I do love it. It makes me so happy to see people linking up and even if it takes me a few days, I do try to get to everyone's post to comment.  Children's fashion is my passion and I love sharing it!  Trendy Thursday is taking a break now until the new year.  I look forward to seeing you back and hopefully a few new faces as well!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year all! xx


  1. Oh these kids are to cute! I have been shopping at a few vintage clothing stores trying to find the perfect holiday outfits for my niece and 2 nephews. I can't wait to see them in the outfits that I got.

  2. Ha ha, you're so right on our different styles. That's what I love about the Trendy link up - seeing all the different options and how great all the children look. Thanks for hosting - hopefully we'll be back next year. Merry Christmas to you guys.

    1. Exactly! It's so nice to embrace all styles! It'd be so boring if we all looked the same. Merry Christmas to you too! x

  3. Thank you for including me in your round-up! Merry Christmas :D xx


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