Thursday 5 December 2013

Trendy Thursday - Christmas clothes are go!

My poor little Ethan has been really poorly recently.  A horrible virus.  High temps, fevers, coughs, rashes, aches and pains.  Poor sausage.  At the weekend we bought our tree.  We've always gone out and chosen as a family and had been really excited about doing so as a family of four this year.  Ethan wasn't feeling up to leaving the house though, but insisted we get the tree as "I want to see it sparkling when I'm poorly".  Bless him.  Mum and Dad came over so Pete and I could pop out to get the tree.  It was weird going out without either of the boys (Felix stayed behind in the warm as well).

On Sunday we put our tree up as a family.  Ethan still wasn't well but he had enough energy to help with a few of the decorations.  I'd dressed him in something soft and comfy and a little festive.  A pair of Krutter velour dungarees and a Christmas print Smafolk top from last year.  I think he looked as cute as cute can be!

Are your kids rocking any Christmas prints yet?  Just wait until I post some of Felix's stuff next week!!

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  1. Very cute indeed, I don't know why I never put them in Xmas orientated clothes till the day, I think I shall have to change that.

    1. I usually do it throughout December!! Get more wear out of them that way! x


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