Thursday 23 October 2014

Boo! Halloween Fashion - Trendy Thursday

Whistle & Flute are one of our favorite brands.  My boys both have one of their cloud print tops which always look amazing.

A while ago W&F posted a picture on Instagram which got Ethan and I very excited - they were making a ghost print tee for Halloween!  Not any old print either, one that glows in the dark!  I ordered as soon as they went live and about three weeks ago our tees arrived in the post!

Whistle and Flute Boo! Halloween Top

Since then, Ethan hasn't wanted to take his off.  He was worn it all weekend for two weekends on the trot.  If he weren't in school, I'm pretty sure it would have been on him all week!  He's obsessed with it, he hugs it, kisses it, tells me how much he loves his ghost!!

Whistle and Flute Boo! Halloween Top

Felix is equally taken with his but a little less vocal.  He does say Wooooo! when he sees himself in the mirror though.

Ethan has already told me he'll be wearing his ghost top on the big day itself, along with his bat cape and superhero mask from Velveteen Babies.

I thought I'd share a few Halloween inspired picks from some other favorite brands:


H&M Halloween Fashion

George at Asda and Hello Apparel:

Kids Halloween Fashion Hello Apparel George at Asda

You can always rely on H&M and George to come up with the goods for holidays, and for bargain prices as well!  The Hello Apparel top is awesome, I'd love that for my boys - it has a glow in the dark ghost!

Do your kids dress up for Halloween?  Are you having a party? Going Trick or Treating?  Well, whatever you get up to, if you have a kids fashion post, please do link up below!  Don't forget to link back to my blog, comment here and on other linked posts!  Thanks!


  1. I keep thinking about dressing Potato up but he's a bit too young for trick or treating, so I'm not sure I will this year. Love those pink cat wellies!

  2. Oh aren't they fun! Like BakedPotatoMummy, Little Owl doesn't have an occasion to wear any of these but she did have a cat dress last year that she wore all year - Halloween isn't just for October you know!

  3. I love those ghost t shirts. Brilliant fun.

    N has a frankenstein one. Saves proper dressing up!

  4. These are awesome - I love that ghost shirt :) I still haven't gotten a Halloween costume for the little one yet, need to do that this weekend :)


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