Sunday 15 September 2013

Cosatto Supa Stroller Review

It's a Sunday evening and at last I have the time to write a review I've been desperate to write for a while!

If you follow me on Instagram I expect you'll have noticed our rather wonderful fox print stroller.  It's quite the statement, so I'm sure you'll have spotted it!  It's a Cosatto stroller, to be more precise, it's a Supa Stroller in Foxtrot design.

We've been using our Supa for a good few weeks now.  I wanted to make sure we'd had a good chance to use it before writing my review and now we've now used it in a variety of weather conditions, temperatures and locations so I feel I can write a detailed review.

There was no missing this stroller when it was delivered to our door.  The packaging is a statement in itself.  Sturdy and funky.  I was so excited about opening it up.  I knew what to expect, but this stroller really dose surpass expectation.  The Foxtrot design is beyond eye-catching and I couldn't wait to get it out and about!

We've always used an umbrella fold stroller (such as this one) as our "car/travel buggy".  I like to have something that is lightweight and easy to store in a car boot.  We are lucky in that our car boot is large, however, this stroller fits in with loads of room to spare!  We go out and about a lot at weekends as a family so despite being our "car buggy" it gets a lot of use.  

The Supa comes with some really exciting and different extras such as a multimedia/gadget pocket with a speaker (yes - really!) and a cup holder as well as all of the bits you'd expect such as a shopping/storage bag underneath, a rain cover.  A gorgeous cosy footmuff is included for free.

Three features we really truly love about this stroller are the extendible sunshade, adjustable handle height and the free standing feature when folded.  To my knowledge there are no other umbrella strollers out there that offer these.  I wouldn't want a stroller without them now!  The extendible sunshade has been invaluable this summer - as we've actually had a summer this year, it's been in almost continuous use.  With our old umbrella fold I'd have been hanging muslins or extra sunshades over the hood, but with this stroller you simply unzip the extra part and pull it down.  It comes down a long way and Felix's head is very well shaded from the sunshine.  No screaming baby complaining about being in direct sunlight!

Being able to have the stroller standing when folded is fantastic.  A great feature if you are travelling and staying somewhere with little space and also great if you are putting your stroller away in your car but don't want to leave it lying on the ground in the dirt.  Obviously don't leave it unattended though, whilst it's quite sturdy it could be easily knocked down by a child or dog etc.  Still a fantastic feature.

Pete and I are quite different heights - I'm a little over 5ft (the height of Red Rum to the withers according to our height chart) and Pete is around 6ft (the same height as Elvis apparently) so it's highly useful for us to be able to adjust handle height.  It's easily done with the click of a button.

From the get go I've been impressed by how easy the Supa is to push, nice and smooth.  Like most two handled strollers it's easiest when being pushed by two hands, but on the odd occasion I've had to push with one hand for a short while and it's a lot easier to push than our old stroller!  Much smoother.  The wheels are sturdy and a decent size which aids the ease of pushing and steering.

We've found very few cons with this stroller.  My biggest issue would be that Felix is front facing when in the stroller and as he is 16 weeks that isn't my preferred choice.  But it's a fact that umbrella strollers all face forward and as it's not the only stroller we use with him (we babywear as well) I'm not overly concerned about this.  Besides, with the footmuff on and the sunshade down he's nicely secluded from the world if he needs to be and you can keep noise and stimulation to a minimum this way.  I also love that there is a little viewing panel on the back of the stroller - there is a flap you can lift with a clear plastic "window" behind allowing you to see in.  I adore this feature.  I can check up on him easily without stopping the stroller, without disturbing him.  Very reassuring!

Not really a con, but I admit that when I first got the Supa out of it's packaging I wasn't sure of the quality of the plastic used in the wheels and break etc. but I have to say that they are surprisingly sturdy and are wearing very well.

Another very minor moan (I'm nit picking here!) but it would be nice if the handle height could be adjusted just a little more. There are basically two settings.  A third would be lovely, seeing as Cosatto have gone to the effort of making the handles adjustable, it'd be really cool to have three height settings.  Still, I'm really finding things to moan about here!

As this is a fairly small wheeled umbrella fold stroller, it's not really made for off-roading and whilst we have found it possible to push through long grass, it's not easy going.  Again, I'm nit picking on this point because you don't really expect a stroller like this to be good for off-roading and you'd be mad to buy one like this expecting it to be good for that sort of thing!

The wonderful folks at Cosatto have really tried to think of everything with this stroller.  Eye catching design, wonderful features, excellent quality.  The details are fantastic, everything has been thought about.  Even the handles and wheels are beautiful with little fox heads in the handles and on the wheels.

The raincover is sturdy, it feels nice and strong unlike other ones we've had.  It fits over the stroller nicely and quite secure.  Again, more secure than the one we had on our previous umbrella fold.  

The footmuff is cosy.  I love the little hand warmer panel on the front.  It's easy to get on and off as well which is very hand for Autumn.  We've had temperature changes from 24 degrees to 13 degrees in the last week so it's been great being able to unzip the front of the footmuff off according to our requirements.  

I can't rave about this stroller enough.  You get comments and compliments wherever you go. Every time we step out the door with it we get stopped, asked where it came from etc.  When I discuss the features with people they are amazed.  Felix is comfortable and secure and has had many happy naps whilst being pushed around.

I've pushed the stroller, Pete has, Ethan has.  Even my parents have had a go and my Mum commented on how easy she found the 5 point harness to use.  She was never able to undo the one on our old umbrella fold but this one is easy peasy.  So far no one has caught their fingers in it either!

Retailing at £180 it isn't the cheapest umbrella fold stroller on the market, but I feel it is leaps and bounds above the rest!  You can use this stroller from birth so you'll be using it for a good long time and the quality feels good enough to me to last more than one child.  Ethan can happily fit in this stroller and he's 4.  Apart from anything else, this stroller lifts my mood.  I love to push it and it puts a smile on peoples faces wherever we go - and if that isn't a good thing, what is?!

**The Nitty Gritty**

-Suitable from birth
-Lightweight aluminium chassis with carry handle
-Adjustable handle height
-Integral hood sunshade protection
-Cup holder which can be used on either side of the frame
-Multimedia gadget pocket with speaker
-One hand recline with 4 recline positions
-Adjustable calf support
-Spacious storage basket
-Free-standing feature when folded
-Compact umbrella fold with Auto lock
-Fully removable seat unit for easy cleaning
-Lockable front swivel wheels
-FREE Chest pads and headhugger 
-Reversible 4 way Cosy Toes with kangaroo pouch and reversible zip-off fleece liner
-FREE raincover

***All views expressed are my own - we were provided the Supa Stroller for review purposes***


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  2. Hi Alex, thanks for this review its very thorough. Im just wondering how the stroller has held up after a few months of use? Also, could you please comment on the size of the footmuff? other reviews I have read complain that it is a bit small, I'd love to know your thoughts! cheers.

    1. Hi Lisa! It's still going strong. We really like it, no problems at all, it's really still as good as new!

      No issues with the footmuff as yet, but Felix is only 9 months old. I'd say he's still got plenty of room in it yet! Hope that helps. x

    2. Hi Alex, thats really reassuring, thanks for that. Im looking at buying one when I visit the UK next month, my baby will be 6 months, and then bringing it home to Australia into our winter, so I guess I will get at least one season out of it!

      One last question, if you have a chance I'd be interested to know one measurement. The diameter around the stroller where the wheel is in the free-standing position. In your picture it looks like it comes out a way, and Im thinking about making a little carry bag for it to take on the plane. I would greatly appreciate the effort if you have a chance!

  3. weird question but would you want to sell this stroller? i have been looking for one but every ebay auction is too far to travel for a buggy, thank you!

  4. Yup, I've looked after it. It's only really used at weekends and the odd trip out as it's our car stroller.

    I've cleaned stroller several times, oiled the wheels! I'm going to give it another clean before selling it. But it is in good condition. There is some damage to the foam on one of the handles but I have replacement handles to put on :-)

    It's a lovely light stroller, very easy to use!

    I'd be happy to sell to you - are you local to me? x

  5. not sure where you are.. i just started reading your posts so still no clue :-)

  6. Ahh, well, I'm in north somerset- is that anywhere near you? X

  7. sadly now, i'm in east kent :-/

  8. Oh darn. Well, I'd happily look into courier prices!


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