Tuesday 10 September 2013

"It's really hard to make a 4 year old look cool!"

We went out into Bristol on Sunday to see a few more Gromits before they were being removed.  We headed to the Broadmead/Cabot Circus area as we hadn't seen any of those and I also needed to pop into GAP to get some baby socks (they really do the best socks, don't they!?!).

Whilst out we received a lot of compliments on the boys' outfits and also our fantastic Cosatto stroller (more on that another day).  I do dress my boys quite differently to how other people dress their children.  I'm not afraid of colour, pattern or things that are a bit different! However, I've never received as many comments as we did on Sunday! My favourite comments came from the staff in the Bristol branch of Lush including:

"Wow, It's really hard to make a 4 year old look cool, but he really does!"

"He looks cooler than me!"

"He couldn't be more on trend - tie dye, jellies and socks.."

Girl one "That is the coolest buggy I've ever seen, where is it from?!" 
Girl two "Are you getting broody?  You're not even pregnant!!"
Girl one "No, but when I do have children, that's the buggy I want, I want to know where it's from!"

I know it's a silly thing, what my children are wearing isn't really that important, but then I do want to teach them that it's OK to be individual, to be yourself and one of the ways I've always expressed myself is through my clothing.  I've always dressed a bit differently, not been afraid to wear unusual items (I used to rock a red Lycra cat suit when I was 12 - bit difficult to go to the loo when wearing though!!).  I hope that by dressing them like this they learn to express themselves and not to be afraid to be who they are.  Of course, I'm not going to force them into certain clothes.  When they get to the stage that they want to choose their own I'll hand the reigns over to them.  Even now I ask Ethan to choose items he likes.

So.. what was the outfit Ethan was rocking that sparked so much attention?  Here we go!

Ethan wears:

Tie Dye top - handmade by a friend
Leggings - Salt City Emporium
Jelly Shoes - JuJu Jellies via Project Jelly

Felix wears:

Chevron print dribble bib - Funky Giraffe
Ship print babygrow - Ej Sikke Lej

Foxtrot stroller from Cosatto 

Do you use Instagram?  I LOVE Instagram, it's about my favourite thing online, it's one of the first things I check in the morning!  For a while now I've been following a lovely lady on there called Susan who'd I'd like to introduce to you because she has the most stylish family ever and the way she dresses her daughter Penny is nothing less than inspiring.  You need to follow @soobylynch NOW!!

Thank you to all of you who linked up last week.  I hope you got to your blog to comment.  I'm afraid my head is all over the place at the moment.  Of course Ethan started school last week, we've all had colds and the baby is teething.  Last night we barely slept and all of us have been awake since 5am so I'm only just managing to cobble this together! Have a good week everyone - now it's over to you! Link up your children's fashion posts below, don't forget to comment here and visit others who join in!


  1. He does look very cool! I love his scarf :) I admire you for making such an effort with your boys' clothes. I like to have an influence on my daughter's clothes too. She's starting to make her own decisions now, but anything I consider chavvy is still banned!

  2. He (you) definitely have a unique style, and it's good to make a statement (and even better to be noticed for it). I love it when others complement what N's wearing, because I've chosen it and I obviously think it looks nice. Apart from some dubious cheapo spare stuff that appears from his nursery bag that he has to wear due to painting or water play overload.

    Great scarf, and jealous you got to find Gromits!

  3. He looks fabulous!! I love Felixs babygrow too(and of course the pram).

    My boys are dressed quite differently from most children around here. The idea of a boy wearing tights fills most people with horror here, but i am always getting compliements on their clothes.

  4. he looks very cool! I got that same buggy for my sil, I love it!


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