Monday 2 September 2013

Trendy Tuesday - SCHOOL!!

I can't believe it.  My little man is having his first session at school today.  I'm not sure how I feel.  Apprehensive, excited, sad.  When I first started this blog, it was called Baby, Me & Fashion and it was a place for me to record Ethan's outfits, write about what we got up to.. He was a little baby, not much older than Felix is now, and today he starts school!  How can it be?

I'm not going to write a feature about school uniform today, after all, there's not much to say about it, but I can't not feature a photo of the boy himself, can I?  So, this is Ethan yesterday, trying out his uniform, backpack and lunch box:

What do you think of his lunch box?  I must admit this was a bit of an indulgent purchase at £30 but once I saw it on I couldn't resist.  Ethan had already chosen a new backpack for school with a lion on it so this seemed the perfect lunch box!  It's designed by Beatrix New York - check them out, there are quite a few funky designs!!

Last week Emma from They Grow So Quick featured a pair of lightening print leggings she bought her son from Zara.  I fell in love with them so was straight on the Zara site.  I managed to buy one pair, all they had left was 6-9 months so it'll be a little while before you see Felix modelling a pair, but I also spotted the most adorable retro style romper.  I am a sucker for retro/old fashioned baby clothes and just had to order it.  Personally I love it.  I think Felix looks cute in it.  The reaction has been good on Instagram and my parents love it.  Pete thinks it looks like he's wearing a dress and one lady did assume he was a girl when we were out at the weekend and he was wearing it, but whatever, I don't care!!  What do you think:

Bib - H&M
Long Sleeved Vest - Ej Sikke Lej
Romper - Zara Baby

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  1. Hope all goes well on the first day of school! This is an awesome lunchbox, hope it doesn't get ruined too quickly! We've got through rather a lot of them over the years!
    Felix looks gorgeous in his romper :)

  2. I am trying not to cry about Grayson starting school next week, he looks very handsome and I love the lunchbox.
    Felix looks very cute indeed

  3. Hope it went well and he had a great time.
    I'm with Pete on the romper, but then I do think if a baby's comfortable then that's the important thing.

  4. Ethan Looks so cute! And wow how little Felix is growing! x


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