Tuesday 17 September 2013

Trendy Tuesday - Staying bright when not at school!

We're now into week three of Ethan's school life and I think we're starting to get into the flow of things - kind of!  It's still a bit tricky as he's not doing a full day yet so there's lots of too-ing and fro-ing still but so far getting out for 8:30am has been OK.  It's always a rush but we make it and we've not been late yet.  Which I think is impressive seeing as we have a young baby and are up several times each night.

One of the things Ethan and I both miss with him being in school is the lack of opportunity for cool outfits!  Of course, I understand the need for uniform, and I do think uniform is a good thing.  Whilst it does make everyone seem a little less individual, it does remove some chances of bulling and most importantly, if they get mucky at school, it's the uniform that bares the brunt, not nice home clothes.  Ethan is one for getting messy, so that's definitely a good thing!

I'm quite looking forward to the first non uniform day and the first school disco though.  Ethan will get a chance to shine there, I'm sure he'll be one of the funkiest dressed children!  I love that he enjoys his clothes, enjoys picking them out and wearing fun bright colours and prints.

So, what have the boys been rocking when not restricted by uniform?  Well, here's our week in photos:

Felix wears:

Lief top - bought from the charity shop
Zezuzulla trousers - Funky Little People
Green knitted cardigan - charity shop
Striped trousers - Asda
Owl Vest - H&M

Ethan wears:

Orange top - GAP Kids
Brown trousers - Polarn O Pyret
Ampersand T Shirt - Boys & Girls
Jeans - Ej Sikke Lej from Bebaboo.com

Ethan wears:

Stripy jumper - H&M
Chevron leggings - Indikidual via KyNa Boutique
Panda hat - H&M

Felix wears:

Smafolk all in one - bought on ebay years ago
Legwarmers - Babylegs

Ethan wears:

Coat - Smafolk via bebaboo

Felix wears:

Green stripy bodysuit - Rainbow Kids from TKMaxx years ago
Bird print long sleeved vest - Polarn O Pyret
Stripy leggings - H&M
Spotty vest - H&M
Romper - Zara Kids
Little Lamb nappy

What have your children been strutting their stuff in this week?  Blog about it and link up below!  Please comment on my post and share the love, visit others who join in!!


  1. Good to see Ethan's still getting to wear lots of his funky outfits :) He'll knock 'em dead when it gets to the school disco or non-uniform day!

    1. I sure hope so!! Either that or they'll think he has a batty mother who dresses him strangely!!

  2. I really love how you dress your children!

  3. The stripy jumper is our cup of tea. We love stripes! They definitely brighten up little people

  4. I love FlatEthan and FlatFelix! I'm dreading the says of boring school uniforms :(

    1. Ahh, thanks! I'm missing laying out an outfit for Ethan every day, but there's no point in me posting a pic of his uniform every day, let alone the fact there isn't time for it!! Weekends I'll still try to do flat ethan's and felix's :) x


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