Wednesday 18 September 2013

Loving statement legs!

In the first few weeks after having Felix, despite having lost my pregnancy weight, I didn't have the energy to get too excited about what I was wearing.  I was enjoying not being in maternity clothing and fitting back into old clothes, but that was about it.

Now, a few months in, I've got the shopping bug BAAAAAAD. I've not actually made it out on a proper clothes shop, but there's online shopping, my local Asda and the charity shops to keep me happy for now.  I've been buying quite a bit from H&M online because they stock current trends at such bargain prices and I'm usually pleased with the quality.  Plus, I get less guilt because I always get a few things for the children at the same time (like they need it!!).  I've also bought a few things from New Look online because they stock way more than my small local branch but I can get it delivered to them for free which is VERY handy.  All of these are great options for a busy mum!

So, what have I been buying?  Well, in particular at the moment I'm really enjoying patterned leggings and skinny jeans.  I bought a gorgeous pair of floral print jeans from New Look online last week in the sale.  A nice fit and the floral pattern is ontrend.  What I love about pattern is that it actually does the opposite of what you think it might.  Yes, they are statement, but the pattern also distracts from bulgy areas and often has a slimming affect on your silhouette!  Love it.

Medicated Follower of Fashion - Floral Jeans from New Look
Mustard vest top - H&M - current season
Grey Vest - H&M - last year
Floral Jeans - New Look

My number one faves at the moment are these fantastic monochrome leggings from H&M.  I total bargain at £7.99.  I could wear them every day of the week!  They are really slimming, look fantastic with oversize tops which are really in at the moment.  They work well with boots and flats.  I adore them.  My friend who is a huge Split Enz fan (heard of them?  Some of their members became Crowded House, like Neil Finn) says they remind her of the outfits they wore and I know what she means: - Split Enz image source: Google
Printed oversize top - George at Asda - current season
Cardigan - George at Asda - last year
Grey vest - H&M - last year
Leggings - H&M - current season

It's nice to finally get round to writing up a style post that isn't about the boys!! Love them as I do, life is SO BUSY now.  Ethan still isn't full time at school, but as of today he's there until 1:45pm and actually, that's already giving me enough time to write this up!  So, hurrah!!

Just because, here's a few other outfits from the last few weeks.  I'm sorry for the image quality today, but all photos are taken from my phone...
Orange jeans - H&M -last year
Floral cardigan - Yumi - current
Green dress - Top Shop - old
Lace tights - New Look - last year
Duck print dress - Yumi - current
Denim jacket - New Look - last year
Floral maxi dress - New Look - last year

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  1. I can't believe you have just had a baby you look amazing woman! Absolutely love those leggings on you :-)


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