Thursday 15 January 2015

3 Common Causes of Skin Blemishes and Their Treatment

It is inevitable that skin blemishes are going to invade your face at the most inconvenient time. This probably causes a lot of discomfort for any person. Think about going out on a first date with a new guy with a prominent blemish right in the middle of your forehead. Without a doubt, it is certainly a great distraction. Most skin blemishes are harmless and they disappear on their own. However, some like to stick around for weeks. Let's take a close look at 3 common causes of skin blemishes and their treatments.


Blackheads are those tiny little growths that pop up on the face. Their medical name is acne vulgaris. People with oily skin are prone to blackhead breakouts. In addition, those that use products on the face that contain oil might be adding to the blackhead situation. Some people like to try home remedies to get rid of the blackheads. For example, steaming the skin and exfoliating with homemade preparations. However, it is best to contact a skin specialist for professional removal.

A cyst looks very similar to a blister. It is a sac-like blemish that sits on the skin and is filled with liquid. The most common cause for cyst is an oily buildup in the skin that leads to bacteria or inflammation. Often, some people try to treat the condition with over-the-counter topical products. However, those with a serious outbreak should consult with a skin specialist. Read more about common skin problems and treatments.

Pimples occur on the face, neck, and body. Pimples are commonly due to the buildup of excess oil in the skin that leads to inflammation. There are several treatments that prove very effective at treating pimples. A popular home remedy is to steam the skin and follow with an oil-free moisturizer or use a product from Murad to treat the condition.

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