Friday 23 January 2015

Funky Kid Friday - Bobo Choses & Thread The Love

Oh wow.  We have had an exciting week here!  Lately I've been getting a bit hacked off with Brand Rep searches on Instagram.  If you aren't familiar, over the last few years it's become common for brands on IG to search for a handful of "models" who they send items to in exchange for photos that can be shared on IG.  Each year it seems to grow and grow and this January the brand rep hashtags have been crazy.

I've entered my boys into a few searches, brands I really love.  I don't enter too many.  Apart from anything else, I think it makes your feed look super boring if it's full of reposts and brand rep search pictures.

So.  Why have I been getting annoyed?  Well.. sour grapes really.  Each time I've entered the boys we've not been selected.  This in itself doesn't annoy me.  It's one of those things.  Some of these brands are huge and had thousands of entries.  No.  What annoys me is that those who do get picked seem to be the same 10 kids/accounts over and over again.  Some of these accounts are now repping for 7, 8 even 10 brands.  If I were a brand, I'd prefer it if the person I picked were only repping for 1-3 other brands.  Otherwise, your amount of exposure must get limited!!  I realize that one of the main reasons these same accounts get picked is down to their follower numbers.  More followers, more exposure.  I'm not silly, I know that.  But at the same time, it's nice to see the smaller accounts get a chance sometimes too.  After all, that's one of the ways you grow your followers - getting support from these brands!

Anyway, I was feeling quite miffed at entering and, bar a few exceptions, seeing the same faces getting the rep again and again.  I noticed a brand rep search one of my favorite feeds, Thread The Love.  Thread The Love is run by Amber, a mum who created her own business after cleverly teaching herself to crochet when on maternity leave.  This lady is seriously talented and I had earmarked some of my February clothing budget to go on a few items from her (mostly for me I hasten to add!!).   She had posted a pic announcing her own brand rep search and I thought, go on.  Just try one more.  I'd love to rep a UK brand anyway,

Well, every day, it was all I could think of.  Amber's search rules stated that we could only tag two pictures on our feed which made it a whole lot easier - some searches don't limit how many pics you can tag which means you're constantly wondering "could I take and tag a better picture today?".  I'd tagged two photos of Felix I was very proud of and I was feeling hopeful.  Originally Amber had said she'd pick her reps on Sunday so it was at the back of my mind all weekend.  Sunday came but Amber's daughter was poorly in the evening so understandably no announcement came... But on Monday night (I think it was Monday night?! My memory is fading...) it happened!! WE GOT PICKED!!!!!!!!!

Thread The Love
The Thread The Love 2015 Brand Reps

Honestly, I was so excited.  I danced and jumped around the living room and grinned to myself like a loon for at least the next 24 hours.  In fact, my friend Jo, who knew how much I'd wanted it did a happy dance herself when she found out.  Haha!!

Very exciting and happy news :-)  I have to say, of course, that you should go and check out Thread The Love as soon as possible.  It's not just for the kids, there's loads of lovely items for Mamas.  In fact, Amber has announced that you can get 15% off orders over £10 today using the code FRIYAY at checkout!

The other eexcitementthis week was our Bobo Choses order arriving.  I limited myself to two items and it was REALLY had.  I ordered a Mr Peep tee for Ethan and managed to find a store with the wave scarf in stock - Elias and Grace  so I was very happy.  Felix modeled both for me yesterday even though neither of the items are for him!! I'm planning on getting one or two pairs of the stripy socks next month..

Bobo Choses SS15 Mr Peep Waves Scarf

One other little bit of excitement this week was that I finally got round to "opening" an online shop to sell my boys clothes on.  Items they've grown out of or, sometimes, shamefully, items I've bought and not ended up using.  There are only a few items on there just now but I have loads to add.  There's a tab above you can use to reach it (shop) and I will be adding a button on the sidebar.  Prices are listed in dollars because I'm using Storeynvy but I accept payments through PayPal which of course, converts it all for you.  I've also mentioned the aprox price in pounds on each listing.  Go check it out!  

My Boys Threads Storenvy

OK, now it's over to you guys.  Link up your kids fashion posts below!  Happy Friday everyone! xx


  1. Congrats for being chosen :) btw where do you get those hangers with heads? The ones that are in the collage picture at the end of your post...

  2. Thank you! They are amazing, aren't they! They are made by The Red Hand Gang. On IG they are @MyRedHandGang and you can find them here: x

  3. Oh how cool!! But unsurprising, you take lovely pics and your boys are just adorable. Thread the Love is new to me but having googled, their stuff is really cute. I really do need to do IG, don't I... I'd love the boys to represent a brand or two!

  4. Wow both those bits of news are very exciting. Congratulations x


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