Thursday 29 January 2015

My little raindrop

Whatever happened to the clothing brand Brights and Stripes?  Did anyone else buy anything by them?  When I was pregnant with Ethan I found a few items from their collection in TKMaxx and, after falling in love with their prints, I managed to track down a few more items on ebay and again in TKMaxx.  Then, it all went quiet.  I never found anything of theirs again and I can't find out what happened to them when I search online...

A shame because I love the bits I bought by them.  I saved them all for baby no 2 who of course became Felix.  One by one, he is growing out of these items.  There was a beautiful rainbow print sleepsuit.  Trousers with a cute bird print.  A spotty sleepsuit.  One of my favorite items is a sleeping bag with carrots on it!! Felix is nearly too big for that now..

Something I think has a bit more wear in is a cute set with raindrops on.  I actually had this set in two sizes, 6-12 months and 12-18 months.  This is the 12-18 months.  Felix is 20 months now so I suppose the days are numbered really.  I love it though.

Do you love any brands that no longer exist?

Link up your kids fashion posts below! x


  1. Oh this is cute! Glad it isn't just m that picks things up in a couple of diffrent sizes! x

  2. Oh bless him! He looks ever so sweet in that shade of blue.

  3. Gorgeous colour - love it! I like my girls to look like little girls & used to love Laura Ashley. I was devastated when they stopped making kids clothes!!


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