Friday 30 January 2015

Farg Form bedding review

You probably know Farg Form even if you don't realize it.  They are known for their Moln (cloud) print desgined back in 1967 by  Gunila Axen.  It's a timeless classic popular with adults and children.  You can't really dislike it!

We have a fair few Moln print items in our house.  When I was pregnant with Felix I bought a Moln print changing mat and storage boxes.  We also have a baby blanket.  They look amazing in his room.

When we moved Felix into his stunning Cosatto cotbed a few months ago, I wanted to invest in some cot bedding.  We were using (and mostly still do use) grobags with Felix because he tosses and turns moving around his bed a lot at night.  However, he is going to be in this cotbed for a good 3-4 years and will need a few duvet sets.

This Modern Life were kind enough to gift us a Farg Form bedding set and, after a few months use, I'm here to sing it's praises!

Farg Form bedding This Modern Life

We were sent a Moln print in black and white.   I thought this would be a good colour choice because black and white go with everything.

The set came in a handy reusable plastic zip-able carry case which I'm finding very useful for storing other bedding sets in.  You recieve one cotbed duvet cover and one toddler size pillow case (smaller than a standard pillow - you can actually buy the correct size of pillow via This Modern Life as well.).

Farg Form bedding This Modern Life

The material is great quality, nice and thick.  I've found it washes very well and no colour has been lost.

I love how striking it looks in Felix's cot and I'm happy in the knowledge that it'll look good for a long time and stay in good condition for a long time!  Hurrah for Farg Form & hurrah for This Modern Life!


  1. I love Farg and Form at the moment! We are planning Pretzel's room and I want to decorate it all in this print, so far I have only invested in the cushion for the nursing chair though

    1. Oh that would look amazing! I love how timeless it is. You can't go wrong!


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