Thursday 15 January 2015

Fun with the POP Art Pad app

My son loves a good app.  Like most of his generation, he's growing up very used to technology, ipads, tablets, smart phones etc.  He knows what an app is and he likes to discover new ones!!

I prefer ones that are creative and education and luckily, so does he.  More than any other games/apps he loves Minecraft.  After that, it's Cbeebies and any drawing/doodling apps.  This is where this one comes in.  With the POP Art App you can create drawings, edit photos and add all sorts of fun stickers and themes.

POP Art App
Pop Art App

Once your child has finished with their creation they can share it with friends/family via email and even submit it to the POP TV channel for a chance for it to be shown on there!

It's good fun and it's free - we'd recommend it!

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