Sunday 2 September 2012

Autumn/Winter 2012 - key jewellery

I've been thinking about key trends for A/W '12 and for me the stand out piece is a statement necklace.  After all, if you buy no new clothes at all, you can update every outfit and be on trend with an "in your face" piece of bling!  It's quite a cheap way to update your wardrobe, even if it's a pricey necklace, if you're not buying anything else, it makes sense!

I've been trawling through the Stella & Dot website, choosing what to update my samples with.  I've gone for this gorgeous number:

Now, I have to say this isn't a cheap necklace.  It's in the sale at the moment so retails at £75 but because I hosted my first party recently, I was able to use my "hostess credits" of £80 which obviously more than covered it.  So this gorgeous number which is currently on it's way to me is mine for free! Whoop!  I also qualified for two items at 40% off so bought a few other samples as well.  When they arrive I'll be sharing them on here.

I really cannot wait to wear this necklace out and about.  It was hard to choose this one though because there are quite a few statement necklaces to choose from!  Here's my top 5 (after this one):


The Bamboleo necklace is beautiful.  These colours will suit all year round. I love how the strands are interwoven.  This will definitely get you noticed!


The Olivia Bib necklace is one I am lucky enough to have in my samples.  I love this one, it always gets comments and compliments and goes with so many different outfits.  Ethan recognises this as "Mummy's necklace".


The Serenity necklace is very classic, I can see this being worn for years.  The colours are beautiful, lovely large semi precious stones.  A statement, but in a classy way!

The Zahara bib necklace is stunning.  No one can miss you wearing this! The fact that there are so many colours in this necklace will mean it's very versatile!

The Indira necklace is one that will definitely look good over A/W.  Not quite so colourful, but still a statement.  Would love to have this in my collection!

So, there we go!  My top Stella & Dot necklaces for the next few months.  No doubt you'll see me rocking some in the outfits I post on my blog..  Don't forget that if you are in the UK you can buy Stella & Dot through me.  You can also host a trunk show through me.  I'm in the Bristol area, but get in touch, you never know what could be worked out!


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