Sunday 23 September 2012

Firmoo Sunglasses

A little while ago I stumbled across an on line glasses retailer, Firmoo.  I was having a good nose around their site and was incredibly impressed by the variety of frames they stock, but also the prices! Just as I was getting excited, I then noticed that they offer free glasses for Bloggers!  Whoop whoop!  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity.  In return for free glasses or sunglasses, Firmoo ask that us bloggers write about them and the frames in our blogs, but that's only fair!

Now, I have to say, from the first step to the last, I've been impressed by Firmoo.  Their website is easy to use and good to navigate, they group frames together in a very useful way, so you can shop by looking at styles or types of frames you like instead of having to sift through everything.  They also stock a large amount of frames which are unisex.

After a good look around, I decided I wanted to choose a pair of prescription sunglasses as my current pair were nearly 6 years old and looking a little dated.  Firmoo stock a few pair of frames which are specifically sunglasses, so at first, I chose one of them.  Very quickly, Firmoo got in touch with me to tell me that my prescription was too strong and wouldn't work in those types of frames, but that I could have a sunglasses tint in any other frame of my choice.  Fine with me!  I was happy just because they got back to me so quickly, very reassuring!  I had a good look at the rest of their frames and in the end decided to choose a very different type of frame than those I normally go for.

After I placed my order, I received confirmation very quickly and within a couple of weeks, if not less, my frames were with me!  Again, I was impressed, they were packaged well inside a hard case, but also came with a soft case (handy for bags so they don't take up much room but save from scratches).  What I was most impressed with though, was that along with the frames and cases came a tiny screw driver and two spare screws with which to repair my frames should one or both of the screws come out and get loose.  No where I have EVER bought from has ever included something as useful as this.  I thought it was a fantastic edition!  I've popped the repair kit in my handbag.  Very reassuring, especially for someone like me.  I rely on my glasses, I can't see without them at all.

I'm happy with the frames, they are good quality.  I didn't go for a pricey frame, they would've been $8 if I'd paid.  The arms aren't on hinges/don't spring back, but for that price, I wouldn't expect that.  They are perfect for my needs, a spare pair of prescription sunglasses I can keep handy, but are also trendy!

Because they are so different to my normal style, I'm still getting used to them.  What do you think?  Do they look ok?  I'm sorry my photos are so dreadful, I've not had the weather to wear them out in yet!

It has to be said that Firmoo offer good quality frames at excellent prices.  You could buy a whole load of different styles for the price of one pair elsewhere!  Firmoo don't just offer free glasses to bloggers, they also offer them to first time customers, so if you need a pair of glasses, why not go for Firmoo?  The only difference is that if you are not a blogger you will need to pay postage.  Still a bargain though! They even have a "virtual try-on" feature so you can "try" before you buy!

Firmoo have a facebook page which you can find here.

***I would like to reassure you that whilst I was sent this pair of sunglasses for no cost, all words used and opinions expressed are my own***


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