Tuesday 25 September 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Spiderman, Wellies, t-shirts & skinny jeans

I've been buying a few additions for Ethan's wardrobe lately - ha! like he needs it!  Well, actually, he did need some new wellies.  You probably already know I buy ahead.  Ethan is currently in size 7 wellies, but I had bought size 9 and 10 wellies when I'd seen some on sale.  For some reason though, I'd failed to get a pair of size 8 which he should hopefully move into soon!  I was at a garden centre recently and spotted a gorgeous pair of Joules boys wellies with moustaches on them.  They were amazing, but unfortunately they were far too big.  I decided to track some down online and finally found a pair in size 8 on a site I hadn't used before, Welly Warehouse.  They stock loads of cool welly brands.  I'm salivating over their ladies selection (I could do with a new pair myself!) so I think I'll be visiting them again soon!

The other items I bought for Ethan recently were some Threadless t shirts.  If you are in America, you probably know all about Threadless.  You may well know about them if you live in the UK.  They are quite well known these days.  I love Threadless, they seriously have the best choice of cool t shirts ever.  Most of my "picture" tees are Threadless ones.  Ethan had a few of their tees and onesies when he was younger.  I decided to get him a couple of tees to grow into.  They are so awesome and I can almost guarantee that no other children in Clevedon will be rocking them!

I popped into Asda this week and they had these gorgeous fleece spiderman onesie pjs, so I decided to get some for Ethan, I thought they could double as dress up.  They are so warm and soft.  To be honest, I want my own.  In fact, the guy at the checkout said the same to me when he scanned them, "If only they had these in adult sizes!".  Of course, I know Primark do adult onesies.  Perhaps I'll have to invest in a pair.  It's the loo problem that puts me off though...

I also got Ethan a pair of Asda skinny jeans in a burnt orange colour.  He doesn't need more, but I love having a variety of colours for him to wear on his bottom half.  I'm always really impressed with the quality of Asda children's jeans.  For £5 they are perfect.

Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Asda
Stripe Wellies - bought in France
Moustache wellies - Joules via Welly Warehouse
Tees - Threadless
Purple owl long sleeved top - Bebaboo.com

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  1. love everything as usual. me too, il have a spider man onesie :) they do the fireman sam one too dont they, harrys got it for xmas eve pjs :) mustache welly's are amazing too! ive joined in again this week :) x

    1. Oh yes, I debated over the Fireman Sam one, but I decided Spiderman was cooler!! Hehe.. Thank you for joining in! x

  2. I love how you buy ahead - surely that's just an excuse to buy more stuff?!! Those moustache wellies are amazing.

    1. Yes, hand on heart, that's all it is, a way to satisfy my urges to buy clothes. I kid not. The oldest age size I've bought so far is... age 9!!!! I know, crazy. It's a gorgeous designer shirt I saw in a charity shop, for £1 it was too good to walk away from.. Thank you for joining in! x

  3. I love the wellis. So cute! And those colored jeans are great, too. I found out about Threadless not son long ago (I know, where have I been). They even have a line for Gap. I'm dying to get G some of their t-shirts. I also like to buy ahead. So far I've bought up to size 5 in clothes and size 6 in shoes! And my baby is just 15 months old! :) Greetings from NY.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one buying so far ahead! Threadless are just the best tshirt brand around. I don't think they do GAP in the UK, I could be wrong! Sounds cool though.. x


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