Tuesday 4 September 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Polarn O.Pyret

It's Tuesday, so of course it's time for Ethan to strut his stuff all over my blog.  Today I want to share some gorgeous clothes we were sent by Polarn O.Pyret (PO.P).  I'm sure you know by now that we are bit PO.P fans in this house.  Ethan has many of their clothes, brand new or second hand (or even third hand!) they always look great, wash well and stand out from the crowd.

PO.P sent us a Friendly Monsters top and a pair of cargo trousers.  The trousers are lovely, really great quality material, tough wearing and practical.  They are a little on the large side for Ethan at the moment (even though they are age 3, I think he's a bit smaller than average!).  I know they are going to form an important part of his wardrobe when he gets bigger though.  Brown isn't the most exciting colour, it has to be said, but it's very practical and will go with so many other colours.  I especially love the reinforced knees.  Children kneel down and play on rough ground so often, this is a very useful feature!

The top we are in love with.  It's become a firm favourite with Ethan.  When asked to choose his own clothes for the day, more often than not he pulls this one from the wardrobe.  People always comment on it when he wears it out as well.  As the top fits him, he's been wearing it a lot.  We've washed it about 6 times now and it still looks in excellent condition.. But I know PO.P clothing and this is exactly what I would expect from their clothes!

S'cuse me in the background, this is from a few weeks back when I was trying to take pics of me for the blog!

Both these items are from their Autumn/Winter collection and as of this week are available online and in store.  If you have older children, PO.P are currently offering 20% off their age 6-12 range.  The trousers retail at £30 and the top £14.50.

What do you think?  Do you dress your child in PO.P?

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  1. I love that top, the print is fab. I keep meaning to buy a few bits from there, but still haven't got around to it. x

    1. Oh, you need some PO.P in your life!! Seriously, their tops make me grin! x

  2. I'm loving the elasticated trouser bottoms. My son's got short legs, but long body so always has to have roll ups, but they don't stay up that well. Pulled in hems always help!

    1. Oh yes, pulled in trouser hems are very handy!

  3. Very stylish clothes! They are better dressed than me!
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