Thursday, 28 November 2013

Trendy Thursday - Threadless

If you're one of my regular Trendy Tuesday buddies, then you'll know all about this.. but a heads up for those that don't.  Trendy Tuesday has moved to Thursday.  I think that Thursday will suit me better and it seems to suit a lot of others better as well.  So, I'm hoping it might mean more people will be able to join in.. Let's see!

On to the fashion...

Have you heard of Threadless?  They are just about the coolest t shirt company out there.  They've been around for quite a while now and I usually place an order with them once a year.  They are based in the US so I can't go too crazy because postage (and customs if you place a large order) can make it pricey.  Their t shirts are so funky and different though that they really are worth it.  Especially if you get something in their sale.  In fact, recently, they had a free postage offer that included international orders - that really was a great bargain!  I placed a large order and was expecting to pay a customs charge but it arrived yesterday in the normal post and I didn't have to pay a thing - very pleased!

Threadless sell babies and children's t shirts as well adults.  The nicest thing is that many of the prints are universal across the ranges so if you're feeling a bit cheesy you could easily buy everyone in the family the same print and look very.... cool?!

I bought two t shirts each for the boys on this occasion.  Felix has already been rocking one of his.  I bought his in 12 months size but they aren't huge so I'm going to put him in them for as long as I can!  They'll fit for a while I think.

Ethan got two to grow into because that was what was availble in the designs I liked.  So, he won't be wearing his for a year or so, but I love knowing that he's got some cool clothes to grow in to!

I'm hoping that you might not have heard about Threadless before and if so, I've probably enabled you, because there really is something for everyone on their site.  Go check them out!

Apologies for the rubbish photos today.  Picmonkey isn't playing ball so I've just had to add them in and two were taken from my phone as well so not great quality!

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  1. They look fab! I will definitely take a look. So many kids' clothes seem to stop at small sizes, so it's nice to have the option of bigger sizes and even adult sizes.

  2. I love Threadless, I had loads of their Tees when I was a student and Archie has a funky vest from there, I need to look out for the free shipping offers I think!

    1. Speak of the Devil! Another great offer on now.. as you know! x

  3. Thank you for hosting #TrendyThursday. Hopefully I will be able to link up far more often now it has moved. xxx

  4. They are very cute and no I had not heard of them so thanks for the heads up.
    Thanks for changing to a thursday, now we just need a new badge xxx lol

  5. Great fun t-shirts. Love the moustache nappy too!

  6. Ooh these are cute!! Definitely need to check out their website xx


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