Saturday 27 June 2015

Keep safe with CosmEthics

I've written a few times about trying to use healthy and safe products, both on myself and my family. I've always preferred to stick with more "natural" products where I can.  That's not to say that I don't recognise the benefit of modern medicines at all and I'm certainly pro immunisations!!  I also know that "natural" doesn't definitely mean safe. We all know about poisons which occur in nature!  However, there are some ingredients like SLS that I do like to avoid in my products.  We all have sensitive skin in our family and I know we benefit from avoiding harsh chemicals.

I recently found out about a very hand app. It's all about apps these days!  Anything which is handy and can make our lives easier is good in my book.. or my phone ;-)  This particular app has been created by CosmEthics and is available free on iOS and Android.  The idea of the app is to give users a quick understanding of cosmetic products ingredients.  You can also add personal "alerts" which can flag up ingredients which are particularly problematic for you, such as in the case of allergies.  I wanted to share this information because this is something that I am genuinely interested in and I know there are many others out there who like to know about what is in their products.

At present I have been looking up products online, googling each separate ingredient before deciding if I wanted to buy it.  This app will now do that for me! Yay! Time saved!

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