Friday 12 June 2015

Funky Kid Friday - More Monochrome Madness!

I still can't get enough of the monochrome trend.  Is it even a trend any more?  Who cares.  I love it.  I remember when I first started buying kids clothes I thought black was too dark a colour for a child and that white was impractical.  So when the monochrome trend first came around I was scared to try it.. but I did eventually pluck up the courage and I'm so glad I did!

Firstly, it looks great.  Stylish.  I know it shouldn't really matter at all whether kids look stylish but I do like my boys to look nice and I don't see anything wrong with that.  I've discovered that actually, black and white work really well with kids.  Black is just about the most practical colour you can put them in.  Try staining black.  It's bloody hard to do.  About the worst you might suffer is a grease stain but that won't be glaringly obvious.  Or bleach, but kids aren't going to be playing with bleach (I should hope!) so that won't be an issue.  So, black?  A total winner.  As for white, well, I've discovered that as long as you take quick action with stains they aren't too problematic.  I like to use fairy soap (which I don't think you can buy any more, the green one) or similar "house hold" green soap as a pre-treatment bar.  A good soak in some soap powder and bicarb (amazing stuff, bicarb!) and then a hang on the line in the sun.  You're good to go.  If you have plain white tees or white clothes with designs that are printed on like screen print or have a plastic-y feel then you can even soak them in bleach and water!

So, forward to now, my boys have a great deal of monochrome clothing!!  One of my favorite high street ranges is Donna Wilson's collection for John Lewis.   The prices and quality are great.  They've had a sale on lately and I had to make a few purchases - and they fitted the mono-brief!!  At the weekend my two wore matching t-shirts my aunt had bought them from BHS.  Not a shop I ever really go in, but they are cute tees!

Donna Wilson, John Lewis, H&M, BHS, Monochrome, Mini Dressing

I still can't get enough of the '2' tee I bought Felix from Nor_Folk,  I've washed it about four times now and it still looks fantastic so they've obviously printed on to really good quality shirts which is always reassuring.  It just looks so bold.  And Felix recognises numbers and knows he's two so he likes wearing it!

Nor_Folk, Norfolk, Two, Cat socks, belle and the bear

He's such a poser, Felix, I think I'm going to have to enroll him with a model agency!!  I'm semi joking there.  I'm conflicted about the idea of young kids "working" and I'm not a pushy Mum.. but at the same time, he does have quite a unique "look" with his lion's mane and he's very used to having photos taken of him!  Anyone have any experience of kids modeling?

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Happy Friday all! XX

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  1. I always think your boys look very stylish but steer away from black myself! Those tee shirts are fab x

  2. Sarah MumofThree World12 June 2015 at 14:18

    I would never have considered monochrome for kids, but your boys look fab in it. My daughter has started wearing a lot of black this year - mainly it's her dance wear that she doesn't take off after class - and I must say she looks lovely in it.

  3. Yes, black is quite a dancy thing, isn't it!! I've always loved a bit of black but I do love colour too. I couldn't ONLY do monochrome. But I really have been surprised by how practical it is. x


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