Friday 19 June 2015

Funky Kid Friday - Gecko Unisex Clothing

Last night a friend of mine alerted me to a very cool Kickstarter campaign.  It's no secret if you read my blog, or really see anything I post on social media that I am very pro unisex clothing.  I think it's super important that we teach our children that colours are nothing to do with gender and sexuality and that girls can be just as interested in space as boys and boys just as interested in looking after a doll as a girl might.   Equality my friends!

The Kickstarter campaign I heard about was set up by Gecko Clothing.  Gecko are a UK brand who specialise in unisex clothes.  They are currently trying to raise money to support their brand and expand their range of funky clothes.  There are only 4 days to go and, bless them, they still have a way to go to reach their goal.  Though I have to say they've done well, they've raised £3,025 so far!  In fact, I had to pledge myself and went for £20.  This is something I am passionate about after all!

Gecko Clothing, Unisex clothing, Kickstarter

I wanted to write about them today to help spread the word.  As bloggers we have access to a great audience.  I like to use my "voice" to help those I can!  I really like Gecko's eco credentials.  They aren't just about unisex clothes, they like to keep things as good for people and the planet as possible.  Sheep poo paper tags on clothes!  Fairtrade organic cotton with no nasties.  Clothes made in Fairtrade and GOTS registered factories who support local small farmers.  And something else which is a bonus - their clothes are built with cloth bums in mind so are extra roomy!!

I can't make you go and pledge, but I'd love it if you'd take a look!

Happy Friday and if you have a kids fashion post, please do join in below!



  1. Your kids always look so cute. While I don't intentionally dress my girls in unisex style clothing, we do have things that can be worn by both genders, too. Thanks for letting us know about this company.

  2. Im afraid I'm all up for girls looking girly in dresses as you know but these outfits are very cute x

  3. I am not that fussed with unisex clothing either (I like frills, pink and dresses and I am afraid my lil girl is a real diva that gravitates towards pink accessories as well...) but I can certainly see why some people prefer unisex clothing. I always thought I'd buy unisex stuff so you can keep it for the next kid no matter what their sex, but after having a girl I just got swept into the pink tide :)


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