Friday 12 June 2015

Selling and buying a house - week two.

It's now two weeks since our house went up for sale and what a fortnight it's been.  If my blog is quiet it's because Felix is sleeping badly, causing me to be exhausted and not very motivated and because the remainder of my free-time has been taken up by getting out of our house for viewings, viewing other properties and dealing with sale related paperwork.

Really, I think we've been very lucky so far.  The biggest news I have is that our house has sold!  Yes, it'd been on for just over a week when it all went a little crazy.  My phone was ringing off the hook with offers on the house.  In the end we had two first time buyers bidding against each other which was amazing.  I can't believe it but the house sold for asking price!  Of course, this is all "subject to contract" and people do sometimes change their minds but assuming it all goes smoothly, this is very good!! We're happy that they are first time buyers because it helps keep the chain short.  They also have a good deposit and mortgage agreed.  We couldn't really ask for more!

What is even more exciting is that we made an offer on a house we like that has been accepted.  It took a few offers before the vendor went for it but I managed to get an offer £4K under asking price accepted.  Which is just as well because the place needs it's two bathrooms updated (yes, dammit!  Two bathrooms!) and one of it's two kitchens ripping out and one updating.  It was set up for dual occupation hence the two kitchens.  One of them is upstairs so that shall become a study or, as hubby would have it, a "man room" but it WILL include a craft/blogging nook for me.  Hurrah!  The boys will also have a very large bedroom each and a playroom.  Downstairs we'll have a separate dining area (no more eating in our living room and food being ground into the carpet) and will gain a downstairs loo and utility room.  There's a large garage which has a garage door operated by remote which Pete is particularly excited!  Best of all, we're still within the same walking distance to school but closer to the town centre.  To say I'm excited is an understatement and I'm keeping everything crossed that it doesn't fall through!!!!


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