Friday 26 June 2015

Funky Kid Friday - Mini Rodini Swimwear

Hurrah!! The sun has (mostly) got his hat and we've been getting out to play!  I'm lucky enough to enjoy all seasons.  I love the smell in the air in Autumn, the colours, the falling leaves.  I love wrapping up warm in Winter and the chance of snow always excites me.  We don't get it much in Somerset and I just see it as fun, not a bother!  Spring feels refreshing and exciting.  What I love most about Summer is just how easy it is to get outside.  Of course, it's not like all rain stops but it is generally dryer and even if it's cloudy, it's still warmer.  My boys love it outside, Felix in particular. He would spend the whole day outside if he could.

Getting out in the garden means getting the paddling pool and sprinkler out!! I'll be honest, my two do love running around in the nuddy but there are times when a swimming cosy comes in handy!!  Visits to the beach or pool.  On holiday.

I wanted to share Mini Rodini's swimwear collection with you today. MR are a brand that I truly love.  I get very excited when they bring out a new collection but best of all, their old collections don't date.  Their clothing is all fantastic quality (we have quite a bit of it, I can vouch for this!) and it really lasts, washing well.  They have a truly stunning swimwear collection at present.  You can still buy some items from previous collections, they all look great!

I love the UV suits they sell.  I'm a fan of UV suits for kids, especially younger ones.  When you have someone who is outside as much as Felix is, it's useful to know they are protected.  I'll be honest, like many, he's not a big fan of being held down and creamed up!! With UV suits you know that a good portion of their skin is covered.  These suits are the equivalent of SPF 50+, very high, and the material is breathable and dries quickly.  So no staying damp or getting all sweaty.

Mini Rodini Swimwear 2015, Swimwear, Kids Swimwear, Mini Rodini
Image Source: Mini Rodini

For older children MR have a stunning range of swimsuits, shorts and pants.  There are some unisex friendly designs and definitely something to suit every child!  I think I would get Ethan the heart print swim pants or the spotty ones.  I'd get Felix a heron print UV suit.  They'd be the most stylish boys by the pool, I'm sure!!

Prices range from £18 for swimpants to £50 for a UV suit.  MR also have a summer sale on just now - worth a look!

What have your kids been rocking this week?  Link up any kids fashion posts below.  Please don't forget to link back to me in your blog post and display my badge.  Tweet me your link and I'll retweet!

Have a gorgeous weekend all!


  1. that cat swimsuit! darn maternity pay being so low :( it's gorgeous!

  2. Tell me about it.... I don't mind paying a bit more for swim shorts/pants for the boys because they tend to get a lot of wear from them. I size up then they last for years. Can't do that so easily with a swim suit!!


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