Wednesday 18 November 2015

Changing your kids’ room for Christmas? Here are some top tips!

Written by Lilly Thomson.

Winter is on the way and around the country, many parents will be starting to get their children's bedrooms ready for Christmas. Whether they are simply putting bunting up around their mirrors or introducing a full-on grotto into the house, mums and dads will be trying their best to build up the excitement for their children – especially those with really young kids. We take a look at some of the best ways you can change their bedroom to increases the excitement levels ahead of the festive period.

Use tinsel. Lots and lots of tinsel.

Tinsel is a brilliant, cheap way to decorate your child’s room ahead of the festive period. Not only does tinsel add plenty of colour to the room, it is also pleasing on the eye and can be shaped to fit around inanimate objects, such as mirrors, cots and television screens.Kids love tinsel and parents should use this to their advantage. Whether they are newly born or approaching their teenage years, children will play with anything shiny and attractive on the eye. It will certainly help them to feel as though Christmas is approaching!

Buy a new, Christmas-themed bed

You can buy your child a new bed and duvet set to further enhance the excitement ahead of Christmas. At this time of year, children are beginning to get more excited at the prospect of giving and receiving presents and an incredibly comfortable bed is an absolute must to ensure that they get plenty of sleep ahead of Christmas Day. There are a number of different beds available at Bedstar and you can get next day delivery on a new bed here. As well as the new bedframe, a new set of festive quilt and pillow covers will also help to raise the anticipation levels even more!

Go all out… build a grotto!

While this may affect the electricity bill, your children will LOVE this and is an absolute must for those willing to give their children the ultimate Christmas experience. In an ideal world, parents would be able to take their kids to Lapland, however that is not always plausible. With this idea, parents can build their own grotto and can even introduce their kids to Father Christmas! To truly appreciate Christmas, parents must go the extra mile to ensure that their kids enjoy the festival period. The homemade grotto is the perfect idea to enhance your child’s Christmas experience but they will also appreciate other, smaller gestures – such as dressing the room up with tinsel of buying a new, festive-themed bed. After all, the most important thing is that both parents and children enjoy the Christmas period!

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